RPV Treasurer Bob FitzSimmonds Keeps On Digging…


    (UPDATE: He’s reportedly offering his resignation. On second thought….no he’s not! (“I have no plans to resign now or in the future”) – promoted by lowkell)

    When it comes to RPV Treasurer Bob FitzSimmonds, apparently, he doesn’t believe in following the eternally helpful advice that if you’re in a hole, the first thing to do is stop digging. As we pointed out yesterday in breaking the story of FitzSimmonds’ bigotry towards Muslims, Sikhs, Animists, Jainists, etc., this is the same guy who made the infamous “sexist tw**” comment, as well as many other crazy comments in this interview. Yet the guy doesn’t seem to learn that when he opens his mouth, insertion of his foot is almost certain to follow, as night follows day and summer follows spring. Now, he’s chiming in yet again on his Facebook page (see screen shot), this time defending his bigoted remarks by claiming that “Muslims were not around in the 1700s” to help “build the very fabric of our nation,” as President Obama said. Of course, President Obama didn’t specify the 1700s, and of course it’s beyond moronic to claim that the fabric of our nation was only built in the 1700s. So, my Jewish immigrant ancestors, who arrive here in the early 1900s, didn’t help build the fabric of our nation?  And all the Irish immigrants who arrived here in the late 1800s? And all the immigrants from all over the world, of all different races and religions, who’ve arrived here for hundreds of years? Gotcha, Bob. Ugh.

    As for his specific point about there not being any Muslims in American in the 1700s, in fact “an estimated 10% of the slaves brought to colonial America from Africa arrived as Muslims,” although “Islam was stringently suppressed on plantations.” So yeah, Muslims (and also many animists, which a lot of Africans were at that time) helped build the very fabric of our nation, through their blood, sweat and tears, even if Republicans like Bob FitzSimmonds won’t acknowledge their contribution.

    Meanwhile, why has the Republican Party of Virginia booted this guy out yet? Because: a) they agree with him; b) they’re afraid of offending the bigots who DO agree with him; c) they’re utterly incompetent; or d)) all of the above?

    • Elaine in Roanoke

      I would say D, all of the above, except that I do know a few Republicans who do not agree with this idiot. I can’t explain why those folks haven’t left the party that is presently suffering a mental breakdown, but I guess “breaking up is hard to do.”

    • I don’t think he has ever seen Roots. I would ask him him to watch that because reading about American History is way above his level. He may find it interesting to know that a high percentage of the slaves who built the “fabric of the nation” were Muslims. He is ignorant and hateful. I don’t recommend that he resign from the Republican Party treasurer position because he may very well reflect the opinions of his party, but he should resign immediately from the Clerk of Courts position in Prince William County. He is completely unfit to serve the public. He is the disease that is eating away at the fabric of this nation.


      ROANOKE – Delegate Sam Rasoul has joined others in denouncing comments made by Republican Party of Virginia treasurer Bob FitzSimmonds.  Del. Rasoul is asking for an apology to be issued to the Muslim community and for Mr. FitzSimmonds to join him and other Muslim-Americans from Virginia at a roundtable discussion.  The request comes on the tail of Mr. FitzSimmonds’ Facebook post responding to President Obama’s statements on the Muslim holiday of Eid al-Fitr.

      Delegate Rasoul said, “It is enormously disappointing that such prejudiced words have been publicly stated by an officer of Virginia’s Republican Party.  As a member of the Muslim-American community, I am both saddened and offended by Mr. FitzSimmonds’ claims that there have been no contributions to the fabric of this country or its democracy made by Muslims.

      “I would firmly remind Mr. FitzSimmonds that the American Medical Association indicates that 10% of this nation’s physicians are Muslims.  The designers of the Willis (formerly Sears) Tower in Chicago were Muslims.  Brain tumors were extremely difficult to treat until Ayub Ommaya–A Muslim and U.S. citizen–invented a new method.  Muslims can be found in every field from science to entertainment to art.  One will find them serving the United States in the military, government, and all the other arenas that American citizens of all backgrounds participate.

      “Mr. FitzSimmonds’ comments spread fear and hatred, and they belittle his fellow American citizens.  I and the rest of the Muslim-American community here in the Commonwealth would appreciate an apology from Mr. FitzSimmonds.  I would also like to invite him to a roundtable discussion with some members of Virginia’s Muslim community to discuss this issue in a constructive way and develop ideas to overcome divisive mindsets.  America is one, its people are one, and we must work together to continue making this nation great,” concluded Delegate Rasoul.

    • From his Facebook page:

      Bob FitzSimmonds

      21 minutes ago

      So, the Washington Post is reporting that I have resigned. This is news to me. Seems like I ought to know about this if it had happened.


      Senator urges Republican leaders to compel the outcome they called for in February

      HENRICO – In response to yesterday’s Facebook post by Bob FitzSimmonds, treasurer of the Republican Party of Virginia, Senator A. Donald McEachin (D-Henrico) today called on Republican leaders to insist on his resignation – an outcome they recently called for but did not pursue.

      Senator McEachin said, “I was extremely dismayed, and frankly shocked, to see Mr. FitzSimmonds’ bigoted suggestion that Muslim Americans have done nothing to contribute to our great country or to strengthen its fabric. That claim is indefensible- and it becomes even worse in the context of FitzSimmonds’ past statements.

      “FitzSimmonds has disgraced our Commonwealth and the party he represents, having previously made unacceptable comments about Del. Barbara Comstock and President Obama. Republican leaders – including Speaker Bill Howell, Party Chairman Pat Mullins, and many others – called for FitzSimmonds’ resignation in the wake of those comments, but they declined to pursue the matter. FitzSimmonds’ most recent actions show that he feels no need to change his ways. I therefore call on Republican leaders to finish what they started, as they should have done in February, and compel Mr. FitzSimmonds’ resignation.

      “Muslim Americans, both individually and as a group, have made significant contributions to America. They have fought and died for our country on the battlefield. They serve in Congress and at all levels of government, specifically working to strengthen our democracy. They are doctors, teachers, plumbers, musicians; they are raising families, paying taxes, participating in civic organizations and cultural groups. In countless ways, they are making our society stronger and more prosperous.

      “We can and should recognize the contributions of all Americans. America is great because all of us are able to come together, bringing our various backgrounds, religions, and ancestry to create the strong and vibrant fabric of our country. Mr. FitzSimmonds’ comments were a direct attack on that fabric. He should be ashamed, and he should resign his position,” Senator McEachin concluded.