Thank You Ken Cuccinelli for Working to Ensure a Democratic U.S. Senate in 2015!


    You think I’m kidding with that headline? Before you laugh, you might first want to check this out by Ken Cuccinelli’s “Senate Conservatives Fund.” That’s right, Cooch and Company are labeling Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) and 6 other Republican Senators as the “Shameful Seven” (for having “betrayed the grassroots and recruited Democrats in Mississippi to defeat Chris McDaniel”).

    But wait, it gets better: Cooch and Company are urging conservatives to pledge “not to donate to the National Republican Senatorial Committee (NRSC),” and also to tell the “Shameful Seven” they can’t count on conservatives’ support anymore. All I can say is, I sincerely hope that conservatives listen closely to their fearless leader Cooch and do what he tells them to do, as there are several close races – including Mitch McConnell fighting for his political life in Kentucky – where a few thousand fewer votes for the Republican candidate could keep Democrats in control of the U.S. Senate for the rest of President Obama’s term in office. So…does Ken Cuccinelli deserve a “thank you” from us or what? See, I really wasn’t kidding! 🙂

    • Andy Schmookler

      I’d be interested in knowing, Lowell, how you interpret the motives/reasons behind this move. In particular, I’m wondering how much is this a reflection of some calculation on his part, of the kind that politicians usually make, regarding how this effort to punish the “Shameful Seven” will play out in a way that serves his own political ambitions, or even has the effect of advancing political values he believes in? And how much it is outside of the realm of rational calculation of results, and is instead some sort of reckless pursuit of purity and damn the consequences.

      Your “thank you” seems like an apt reading of what the likely effect will be on the immediate contests. Is Cooch looking at the board in some different way, or is he not even paying attention to how things will play out?

    • petrolcide

      Well, IIRC, he has not ran for President yet. My guess is that if it is for personal political gain, that the Presidency is his next target. He could also be trying to simply befriend some far right conservatives in hopes of getting a Presidential appointment someday. I think he already knows he can’t fool Virginians anymore.

    • Sunnyjane

      Too delicious!

    • Dan Sullivan

      And not of the philosophical kind. Turning emotional pledges into hard cash is the ultimate goal.

    • kindler

      Our hero…

      I’m a strong supporter of the GOP Civil War.  We’re behind you guys, both sides, all the way — just make sure to beat the living crap out of each other!

    • …because bashing children fleeing oppression, drug violence (fueled largely by demand in the U.S.) and poverty should be confronted by armed forces, in the views of these oxy-moronic “compassionate conservatives.”

    • IBelieveInHenryHowell

      He’s doing it because he has to. It’s the natural behavior of the “fanatic”, so to speak. He is inspired by a divine light, to which us “infidels” are being blinded by an evil force. Good vs. Evil, Light vs. Darkness, (choose your own description…)He is on a crusade, jihad, etc. In psychological parlance: Joan of Arc syndrome.

      We are looking for logic in an illogical world view and I don’t think we will ever understand the internal thought processes of such a person. (And because the collection plate is always passed at the end of the revival service! A prophet has to eat, too.) JMTCW.