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Video: 7 Democratic Candidates Announce for Virginia 48th House of Delegates District


The candidates are, in order, Rip Sullivan (introduced by Patrick Hope), Paul Holland (introduced by Ed Holland), David Bolling (introduced by Peg Willingham), Andrew Schneider (introduced by Colleen Wright), Yasmine Taeb (introduced by Atif Qarni), Atima Omara (introduced by Marj Signer), and Jackie Wilson (no introduction). It was a packed house tonight at the Arlington County Democratic Committee meeting, with just over 3 days to go until Democrats choose their nominee to replace Bob Brink as their delegate from the 48th House of Delegates district (note: see the comments section for the rest of the videos).

P.S. I hear the ballot order is:  Jacqueline H. Wilson; Richard C. “Rip” Sullivan; Andrew F. Schneider; Yasmine P. Taeb; Atima Omara-Alwala; Paul A. Holland; David A. Boling.

  • In addressing the “elephant in the room” – that he lives in McLean, not Arlington – Sullivan said he’s just

    “500 yards from Arlington,” and that “at the risk of sounding Palinesque, I think I can see Arlington.” LOL

  • Photo courtesy of the apparently omnipresent Catherine S. Read. 😉

  • Fairfax Supervisor John Foust and Delegate Scott Surovell Endorse Rip Sullivan for Delegate

    Today, Fairfax Supervisor and Democratic nominee for Congress in VA-10, John Foust endorsed Rip Sullivan for Delegate. Delegate Scott Surovell (D-Mt. Vernon), the former Chairman of the Fairfax County Democratic Committee and former Chairman of the Northern Virginia Democratic Business Council also endorsed Sullivan.

    “Rip has been a trusted member of our community for decades,” said Foust. “He’s been my appointee to numerous boards and commissions, including our budget task force. Rip will be a passionate, outspoken, and courageous voice in Richmond, and he’s the right choice for the 48th District.”

    “I am honored by the support from such outstanding Northern Virginia leaders,” said Sullivan. “John and I have been working together to make our region stronger for years, and I look forward to working with him when he’s in Washington and I’m in Richmond.”

    “Rip founded Blue Dominion PAC with myself, Aneesh Chopra, now-Mayor Scott Silverthorne, and others in 2005 to help elect Democrats to the legislature all over Virginia,” said Surovell.  “Rip has been working to build our numbers in Richmond for over a decade and I am thrilled to see another Northern Virginia native step up to join that effort and represent his community.”  

    “Scott has taken on a major challenge,” continued Sullivan, “winning back seats in the House of Delegates. I don’t intend on serving in the minority for long, and will work tirelessly to elect more Democrats throughout the Commonwealth. In coordination with Delegate Surovell, Leader Toscano, and others in House leadership, I look forward to developing an aggressive fundraising plan to win back the House.”

    “Republicans are in a supermajority in the House of Delegates,” said Surovell. “If that’s going to change, we need a delegate from the 48th district with a proven track record of fundraising and helping elect Democrats. Rip is the only candidate in this race who has raised more than six figures for a House of Delegates campaign, and we could use him in Richmond. He’s also the most qualified candidate after years working on regional issues through various boards and commissions.”

  • NARAL Pro-Choice Virginia Statement on Endorsement Process in 48th District Democratic Primary

    Last night, Atima Omara’s campaign for Democratic nominee in the 48th House District stated that NARAL Pro-Choice Virginia had endorsed her candidacy. This is not true.

    NARAL Pro-Choice Virginia PAC rarely endorses in primary elections, particulalry in cases – such as this – of multiple pro-choice candidates with no established voting records. Consistent with our process, we specifically told all candidates in this race that we would not be endorsing.

    That’s why we were extremely disappointed to have our name and endorsement inaccurately represented last night. As one of the leading political pro-choice organizations in Virginia, we value ourselves on our prestigous endorsement process and take pride in supporting pro-choice candidates. Deliberate or not, our trust was violated in this process.

    Again, we have not endorsed any candidate in the 49th district democratic primary, nor will we. We hope that the eventual nominee shares our belief in the protection of women’s health and rights, and we look forward to working with this person in the Virginia House of Delegates.