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Virginia News Headlines: Wednesday Morning


Here are a few national and Virginia news headlines, political and otherwise, for Wednesday, July 30. Also, any suggested captions for the photo, other than “horrifying,” “scary,” “disturbing,” and “extreme?”

*White House: Climate Inaction Could Cost $150 Billion (“Senior administration officials urge lawmakers and industry groups not to be penny wise and pound foolish.”)

*Obama announces expanded sanctions against Russia as E.U. aligns (Good.)

*Building a progressive alternative to ALEC (“…there is the need for some kind of counterweight to ALEC, one built and operated with progressive values in mind. And soon, we might have one.”)

*Eric Cantor’s final days

*Ted Cruz’s nerve to blame Democrats (He may not have any judgment, or sanity, or ethics, or decency, but he certainly does have nerve!)

*Schapiro: A very different McDonnell stands trial (“When Bob McDonnell ran for governor in 2009, he depicted his family as the Cleavers: bustling and wholesome. Five years later, running for his life, McDonnell is depicting his family as the Bundys: bitter and dysfunctional.”)

*Defense attorney: Maureen McDonnell had crush on Williams

*A very sad day in court in Virginia (“One could get snarky about this seemingly over-the-top soap opera. But no one in the courtroom seemed to be smirking.”)

*Lawyer: McDonnell marriage had ‘broken down’ (Top comment in the Post article: “Right, and Maureen asked the guy she had a crush on to give her husband a Rolex; and her husband didn’t ask where it came from. And her husband had a crush too, which is why he asked Williams for loans? And the daughter had a crush and that’s why McDonnell allowed Williams to pay for the wedding reception? Geez, sounds pretty lame as well as more than a little creepy.”)

*List narrows for future FBI headquarters: Greenbelt, Landover or Springfield

*Same-sex marriages in Virginia likely must await a Supreme Court ruling

*Public comment on Va. abortion clinic rules ends this week

*Ex-Rep. Caldwell Butler, key figure in Watergate summer, dies at 89

*Our view: Caldwell Butler’s legacy

*Fairfax board rejects extension of controversial Lorton landfill’s use (Fascinating: “The 6-to-4 vote came after several attempts to compromise on the plan, which pitted local concerns about truck traffic against broader hopes to develop green energy technology in a rapidly transforming area of the county that overlooks the Occoquan River.”)

*7 transportation projects that would have changed Washington (Several of these, particularly the higheway through DC, are absolutely nuts; thank goodness they were never built!)

*Henderson Alvarez outduels Stephen Strasburg as depleted Nats fall, 3-0

*Forecast remains fabulous: Very pleasant and no heat wave in sight

  • Dan Sullivan

    A rare find in Virginia. Ed must have been trolling Dulles.  

  • This is the same guy, btw, who made the infamous “sexist tw**” comment, but who remains as Republican Party of Virginia Treasurer regardless of his ongoing bigotry and extremism. It really says a great deal about the Republican Party of Virginia, none of it good, that this guy is still there in a high-level capacity.

    P.S. For more wit and wisdom (so to speak) by FitzSimmonds, see Video: Close Cuccinelli Aide, RPV Treasurer: “I’m not a big fan of contraception, frankly” . Also note that Fitzsimmonds was a VERY close adviser for years to Ken Cuccinelli, and would have been a powerful force in a Gov. Cuccinelli administration. Shuddddderrrrr….

  • Harry

    This is not out of character for Bob, I’m sure his attitude is the same in his official capacity as Chief Deputy of the Prince William County Court Clerk’s Office.  Wonder how someone who Bob thinks looks like a Muslim is treated at the Clerk’s Office.  No one should be shocked or surprised by anything coming out of his mouth, …ah, ah, didn’t you know America is only for those of European ancestry, whose holidays are the only ones to be celebrated according to Bob.

  • From AG Herring’s office:


    RICHMOND (July 30, 2014)–Attorney General Mark R. Herring announced that late this evening the Commonwealth of Virginia reached a settlement with Elizabeth Daly in her $40 million lawsuit against several agents of the Virginia Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control (ABC.) Under the terms of the agreement, Ms. Daly will receive a settlement of $212,500 and a letter from the ABC Board explaining the circumstances of her arrest for presentation to any future employers.

    Attorney General Herring issued the following statement regarding the settlement:

    “My goal throughout this case has been to reach a resolution that is just and fair for all parties, including Ms. Daly, the ABC and its agents, and the Commonwealth and its taxpayers. After careful consideration of the potentially significant costs of taking this case to trial, I believe we have reached such an outcome. ABC agents do important work enforcing our alcohol laws and combating underage drinking, and the new policies and procedures implemented after this incident will help ABC effectively fulfill its mission while ensuring the safety of officers and the public. The Commonwealth and I wish Ms. Daly the very best in all of her future endeavors.”

    The settlement between the Commonwealth and Ms. Daly is not an admission of any wrongdoing by the plaintiff or defendants.