BREAKING: Gay Marriages Could Begin in Virginia on August 20


    Great news from the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit, which earlier today “denied a request to delay implementation of its ruling striking down Virginia laws denying marriage to same-sex couples.” What this means is that, “unless the Supreme Court intervenes, couples may begin marrying and having their out-of-state marriages recognized in Virginia on August 20.” (As AG Herring’s office noted in an email a few minutes ago, “Under the rules of the court, the order is effective 7 days from the day it is issued, barring intervention by the Supreme Court of the United States which could issue its own stay.”)

    One more thing this ruling means: (anti-marriage-equality-amendment author) Del. “Sideshow” Bob Marshall’s head, along with a bunch of other right-wing homophobes’ heads, are probably exploding right about now. 🙂 Stand clear! LOL

    P.S. Of course, as it’s been pointed out to me, it is quite possible the U.S. Supreme Court will issue a “stay,” just as they did in Utah. Sorry to be a killjoy, or rather remind everyone that the Supreme Court could be a killjoy…

    • Ron

      that SCOTUS doesn’t play Lucy with the football this week or next.

      Otherwise, next Wednesday will be a really happy day.  

    • fcvaguy

      Come Wednesday, is recognition of my DC marriage in Virginia automatic? Or do I need to take some action, like take my marriage certificate to somewhere?

    • Statement from Virginia AG Mark Herring:

      Throughout this process, we have fought for the principle of equality, moving the case forward in a swift and orderly way. That is why I have asked the Supreme Court to review the case to quickly and definitively resolve the issue for the Commonwealth and all the states. Because the 4th Circuit’s order does not take effect until at least August 20, clerks cannot yet issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples. It’s also possible that the Supreme Court could issue its own stay, as it has done in similar cases, especially since the Prince William County Clerk is requesting a stay.

      No one anticipated we would be this close this quickly to the day when all Virginians have the right to marry the person they love. That will be a historic day for our Commonwealth and a joyous day for thousands of loving couples.

    • blue bronc

      SCoUS may or may not see the significance of letting Virginia be the starter state for national equality – once again.  Loving v. Virginia could be repeated.  The symbolic impact is important to understand how the Court could or could not act.  

      Will they do it?  Maryland and DC are already on board.  The world did not collapse or goats marry straight idiots.  They have nothing to lose because the corporations they support really want one system for all their employees.

      I see Roberts, and two others, saying “go ahead” on a 51- 49% line.  Again, there is no downside as the far right “religion” groups have knocked down and have minimal impact now.  The far right anti-America Republicans lost their fights this year and will be nothing more than gnats for the next two years.

      Further, I do not see Roberts wanting a fight over what has become commonplace in his Court.

    • Yep, that’s our “Sideshow Bob,” co-author of the heinous Marshall-Newman anti-marriage-equality amendment now befouling Virginia’s constitution (but not for much longer, hopefully!).

      Circuit Court Decision Flies in the Face of SCOTUS Stay in Utah Case

      ​The Court of Appeals refusal today to deny a stay of starting so-called same sex marriages in Virginia is lacking in moral clarity, historical precedent, social benefit and authentic constitutional grounding.

      Their arrogant refusal of a stay was issued in the face of the stay that the Supreme Court has already issued in the Utah same-sex marriage case.

      The two erring judges in Virginia’s marriage case failed to show that same sex marriage, a union based on immoral behavior, is “objectively, deeply rooted in this Nation’s history and tradition,” as would be required if they were acting as jurists,

      They fail to cite even one US Supreme Court decision that affirms an ostensible constitutional right to “marry the person you love.”

      In fact, their novel ruling is compatible with the claim of three lesbians in Massachusetts who seek to have a threesome or “throuple” recognized as marriage.

      In their radical hubris, these judges in attempting to foist same-sex “marriage” on Americans, seek to suspend the “Laws of Nature and Nature’s God,”

      Look for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) groups to target church tax exemptions for failure to perform same sex marriages or rent church facilities for same sex marriages.  The “Human Rights Campaign” is now defending teachers fired from Catholic schools after allegedly marrying same-sex partners against Catholic teaching and school policy.

      Soon, pastors who refuse to conduct same-sex marriage ceremonies will be sued for hate speech.  Church charities that feed, clothe, house and care for the less fortunate will suffer as these lawsuits increase.

      From 1884 to 1926 over fifty constitutional amendments were proposed in Congress to give Congress authority to regulate marriages,  None passed because in our federal system this has historically been a state matter, until now that is.

      Why the rush to judgment?   Why not wait for the US Supreme Court to make their decision on this issue?I applaud, Prince William Clerk of the Circuit Court, Michele McQuigg, for appealing to the Supreme Court to stop marriage licenses from being issued until the Supreme Court has heard the case.  Even Attorney General Mark Herring has been cited as saying he thought a stay appropriate in case SCOTUS rules in favor of Virginia’s Marriage Amendment so that any same-sex marriages done between now and then will not have to be undone.

      I urge intelligent Virginians to read the well-researched dissent of Judge Neimeyer.​

      Delegate Bob Marshall