Top Political Analyst: Barbara Comstock “Uniquely Polarizing”


    Given how “broken” Congress is, overwhelmingly because the extremist Tea Partiers and Tea Party Republicans have made it that way, the LAST thing we need is yet another Tea Party Republican who one of the top political analysts in America calls – and for VERY good reason, given her history of obsessive persecution of the Clintons, etc. – “uniquely polarizing.” Just say “no” to Barbara Comstock and her friends Karl Rove, Scooter Libby, Tom DeLay, the Koch brothers, Sean Hannity (see photo below) Willard “Mitt”/”Etch-a-Sketch” Romney (ditto), etc.

    • True Blue

      Maybe asburn rising will “report” on her statements at Clarke County and Winchester fundraisers? I want to hear her defend her awful votes or support AGAINST women and families – ERA, VAWA, equal pay, transvaginal ultrasounds (state sanctioned rape), TRAP laws, minimum wage, public education funding, transportation, medicaid expansion, etc.  

      I forgot, she’s in hiding until these bozos show up.  

    • True Blue

      asburn rising whines about WaPo not crediting him with Foust “quote.” where are his “quotes” on Comstock votes or comments?  Partisan pretending to be reporter.