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Virginia Election Results Thread: SD-38; HD-48; HD-90


Polls are now closed (although anyone waiting in line can vote). As usual, see VPAP and the State Board of Elections page for election results.

UPDATE 9:25 pm: Just got back from Rip Sullivan’s victory party, where he bought everyone a round of beer. Is Rip going to be a great delegate or what? 🙂 Meanwhile, it turns out that there was an error on VPAP earlier, and Rip Sullivan actually won every single precinct in the 48th districdt, romping over Dave Foster by a 62%-38% blowout margin. Hopefully, that marks the end of Foster trying to make the argument that he can win in blue areas of the state, but we’ll see…

UPDATE 8:03 pm: With 86% of the precincts counted, it’s Chafin 61%-Hymes 33%. With 72% of precincts counted, it’s Sullivan 59%-Foster 41% (still only 1 precinct won by Foster…one too many if you ask me, but what the heck, I’ll take it). And with 73% of precincts counted, it’s Lindsey 84%-Calabrese 16%. in addition to Delegate-elect Lindsey, congratulations to Delegate-elect Sullivan!

UPDATE 7:49 pm: With 64% of precincts reporting in the 48th, Dave Foster has unfortunately won one – Kirby precinct in Fairfax County. Still, I’ll take a 60%-40% lead any day. 🙂 Again, congratulations to Delegate-elect Joe Lindsey in the 80th, who has over 84% of the vote. As for the Virginia Democratic Senate caucus’ gamble on the 38th Senate district, to put it mildly it didn’t pay off, with Senator-elect Chafin up by 29 percentage points with 76% of precincts reporting. As I said a million times, we should focus our time, energy and resources on 2015…

UPDATE 7:38 pm: By the way, I asked Ben “Not Larry Sabato” Tribbett late this afternoon for his predictions. He said 61%-39% Sullivan and 62%-38% Chafin. Right now it’s 62%-38% Sullivan (with 44% of precincts counted) and 62%-32% Chafin (with 74% of precincts counted). Not too shabby!

UPDATE 7:35 pm: A few more from the Arlington elections office — Cherrydale: @DaveFosterVA 139 @RipSullivan48 302, Madison: @DaveFosterVA  371 @RipSullivan48  406; Rosslyn: @DaveFosterVA 59 @RipSullivan48 126; Dawson Terrace: @DaveFosterVA 49 @RipSullivan48 103; Arlington Absentee: @DaveFosterVA 312 @RipSullivan48 678.

UPDATE 7:32 pm: Looking good for Democrat Rip Sullivan in the 48th House of Delegates district and for Democrat Joe Lindsey in the 90th House of Delegates district. With 7 of 25 precincts reporting, Sullivan’s ahead 60%-40%. With 27% of precincts reporting, Lindsey’s ahead 89%-11%. Congratulations to Delegate-elect Lindsey! As for Foster, he hasn’t won a precinct yet; hopefully that trend will continue and Sullivan will hold his 20-point margin or increase it.

UPDATE 7:30 pm: With 72 of 120 precincts counted in the 38th Senate district, Republican Ben Chafin leads by a huge margin, 10,739 (61.2%) to just 5,638 (32.1%) for Democrat Mike Hymes. So why did Democrats pour hundreds of thousands of dollars into this 2:1 Cooch/Jackson/Obenshain district? I couldn’t figure it out then, and I sure can’t figure it out now.

UPDATE 7:23 pm: In Senate District 38, VPAP has it at Chafin 6,905 (62.12%)-Hymes 3,337 (30.02%)-Mullins 868 (7.81%) with 45 of 120 precincts counted. Pretty much over, barring a miraculous comeback by Hymes.

UPDATE 7:22 pm: According to the Arlington County Elections Board Twitter feed, Rip Sullivan beat Dave Foster in Thrifton precinct 415-315, in Marshall precinct 337-211, in Wilson precinct 129-86, and in Crystal Plaza precinct 48-37. Looking good for Rip (especially when you consider that his home base is in Dranesville/McLean, while Foster’s is in Arlington.

UPDATE 7:16 pm: Del. Greg Habeeb (@GregHabeeb) tweets, “First precinct reports I’m hearing from the Senate Special Election sound VERY promising.” Habeeb’s a Republican, by the way, so that’s not good news if you’re on the “blue team.”

  • Mallsus2

    We need to seriously reconfigure how we approach elections in Southwest Virginia. Short-term there’s pretty much no hope of pulling this region back to its Democratic roots. However, if the Democrats put up a strong educational campaign (for the long term) and work to rebuild a truly grassroots organization while dismantling the good old boys clubs that the Democratic committees have pretty much become down here, we might have a chance again in 10 or 20 years. But, as long as we continue to play to the lowest common denominator like Republicans do, it’s a lost cause and they should just completely stop feeling candidates so that a progressive independent alternative has a chance to emerge.

  • Rip Sullivan Wins Big in Virginia’s 48th District Special Election

    Arlington, VA – The Arlington County Democratic Committee is pleased to announce that Rip Sullivan has decisively won the Special Election in Virginia’s 48th District. In Arlington he won almost 63% of the 8,159 votes cast, and he will replace Delegate Bob Brink in the House of Delegates in Richmond.

    “Rip Sullivan’s decisive victory is a validation of the strong Democratic values held by the residents of the 48th District,” said Kip Malinosky, ACDC’s Chair.  “Rip will go to Richmond and give our district a powerful voice on votes about the Commonwealth’s Medicaid expansion, gun safety laws, energy and environment investments, fair wage policies, transportation, equal rights, and of course education.  Despite the best efforts of the Republicans, our voters made it clear that Rip Sullivan was the overwhelming choice in the 48th District.”  

    Rip has served our region on numerous boards and commissions, and has extensive experience in transportation, housing, education, and legal policy.  His appointments include the Fairfax Consumer Protection Commission, Fairfax Transportation Advisory Commission, Fairfax Housing and Redevelopment Authority, and Fairfax Park Authority. He also served as president of the Legal Services of Northern Virginia, a non-profit institution providing legal services to low-income residents.

  • NARAL Pro-Choice Virginia Congratulates Rip Sullivan

    100% pro-choice Sullivan defeated opponent Dave Foster to become Delegate-elect of 48th House District

    Alexandria, VA  – Tarina Keene, executive director of NARAL Pro-Choice Virginia, tonight congratulated Delegate-elect Rip Sullivan on his successful bid to represent the 48th District in the Virginia House of Delegates.

    “I am thrilled to congratulate Rip Sullivan on his election to the Virginia House of Delegates,” said Keene. “Sullivan is an avid defender of women’s health, and as Delegate he will wholeheartedly respect the right of Virginians to make their own personal health care and family decisions.

    “Rip Sullivan’s win tonight is yet another sign that Virginia voters are tired of politicians interfering in women’s personal health care decisions,” Keene continued. “Unlike his opponent, Sullivan has long been an outspoken champion for women’s rights and health, and I know we can count on him to protect and support Virginians’ reproductive freedom and access to medical care. NARAL Pro-Choice Virginia was proud to support Rip Sullivan’s campaign, and we look forward to working with him in the House of Delegates for many years to come.”

    The NARAL Pro-Choice Virginia PAC works to directly support and elect 100% pro-choice candidates for state office in the Commonwealth of Virginia. NARAL Pro-Choice Virginia endorsed Rip Sullivan on July 21st and contacted over 650 voters in the 48th House District in support of his candidacy.


  • Sullivan Wins Special Election in 48th House District

    Arlington, VA — Today, Rip Sullivan won the Special Election in the 48th House District. Upon receiving news of the victory, Sullivan thanked his family, friends and supporters, and congratulated his Republican opponent Dave Foster on a well-run campaign.

    “Today’s win is thanks to the volunteers who spent hours knocking on doors and phone banking, supporters who contributed in order to fuel our get-out-the-vote effort, and everyone who brought their friends and family to the polls to vote. Their strong grassroots support enabled us to mount a full-fledged campaign in just a matter of weeks,” said Sullivan.

    “I am honored by the vote of confidence from voters in the 48th District,” said Sullivan,” and I recognize that I now have the responsibility to fight to protect and advance the values that we all share. I look forward to working to expand Medicaid to thousands of our uninsured neighbors during September’s Special Session. I pledge to work to strengthen gun safety laws, increase investments in renewable energy and clean technology, protect a woman’s right to make her own health care decisions, and propel Virginia toward becoming a leader in this 21st century economy.”

    Sullivan’s Election Night Party is being held at O’Sullivan’s Irish Pub in Clarendon.

  • Definitely got to agree with Mike Hymes that this is a defeat for working people – actually ALL people – of the 38th State Senate district. The question, as always, is why do people vote against their own self interest, time and time again?

    Well the election is over, and I am sorry to see that the voters of the 38th district have voted to elect yet another rubber stamp for the Kilgore machine. This is a defeat for working people of the district.

    Thanks to those who did not fall for the lies told about me in this election. Be sure and notice what gets done for the people of the 38th district under Ben Chafin’s leadership.