Appalling Even by Ken Cuccinelli “Standards”


    Yes, this is appalling even by Ken Cuccinelli standards. First off, he links to a climate science “skeptic” website. Then, he channels Rand Paul’s insane criticism of Hillary Clinton that she can’t say that BOTH global warming AND terrorism are threats to the world (and that global warming poses by FAR the greatest threat to the future of mankind, 1000s of other species, the oceans, life on earth in other words). Then, he posts this disgusting, repulsive “cartoon” mocking Hillary Clinton for stating the obvious, also what 97% (or more) of climate scientists are saying: climate change is an urgent threat that we need to deal with. And just remember, this lunatic was elected Attorney General of Virginia in 2009, then spent four years waging war against climate science (and climate scientists like Michael Mann), then came within a few points of being elected GOVERNOR of Virginia! All of which raises an even more disturbing point: there are millions of Virginians (and Americans) willing to vote for people like this. That’s even more disturbing in its own way than this cartoon, and the fact that Cuccinelli chose to tout it on his Facebook page. Shudddderrrrr….

    • Elaine in Roanoke

      Oh, how I wish that the likes of Dick Cheney and Ken Cuccinelli would simply slink away and learn how to shut up. Cheney has come out of the woodwork to try to pin the debacle that was the Iraq War (Colin Powell” “You break it, you own it.”) on President Obama. And, Ken Cuccinelli just won’t learn to sit down and shut up.  The drivel that spews from him is like a siphon in a cesspool…and is about as appreciated.

      I suppose he does fill one purpose, and that is to throw figurative “red meat”  to the Teahadists who seem to need a constant diet of hatred and fear. Without their daily dose, they might have to actually think.