Dominion wants public searched!


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    In an attempt to restrict access by the public to Dominion’s pipeline “open house” in Augusta County, Dominion has moved the “public event” to a private venue, Augusta Expo, at Fishersville after Augusta County Administrator Pat Coffield canceled the event at the Verona Government Center. A request by Dominion to search the public before entering the open house because of “safety concerns” was denied by Coffield.

    The Augusta Alliance, an anti-pipeline citizens group, had planned a rally to be held outside the Verona Government Center to coincide with Dominion’s “Open House” scheduled for Monday, September 15. The “Open House” was to begin at 4 pm for elected officials. In an interview by,

    Coffield  stressed that the government center is a working government building where public business takes place. “This overlaps with our operations,” he said of the open house. He also said when a public meeting is held in a public building it is not proper to search bags or restrict access.

    The Tri-Cities story can be found here.

    • Dan Sullivan

      I attended the last Dominion dog and pony show in Verona and there wasn’t a hint of disorder from the assembled residents. The Augusta County Sheriff’s Department handled the overflow event without incident. The Deputies are our neighbors and don’t have to guess how to interact with us.

      Cleary Dominion is creating an issue out of whole cloth in an attempt to screen their own misbehavior.  

    • Pipeliner007

      In the spirit of full disclosure, I fully admit to working in and on behalf of clean, efficient and economical Natural Gas.  Cleaner than coal, more efficient than solar and more economical than liquid hydrocarbons.

      1.  “The Augusta County administrator canceled the open house at the government center in Verona after an advocacy group said it would rally in opposition to the pipeline.” It was not Dominion that shut the show down. – Direct quote from linked story above.

      2.  People submit to medal detectors and security screens everyday at; courthouses, football games, theme parks and etc.  This is done for the security and benefit of all.  Security screens occur everyday even without an angry environmental activist within a stones throw distance.

      3.  This “Alliance” is not grass roots.  There are larger activist organizations looking to take control of local sympathies such as the Sierra Club and  With those malcontents will most likely come the attorneys and law firms that will “fight” the big corporations and exploit the naive for notoriety and a large taste of the easement negotiation payments.

      4.  This “Alliance” is threatening, just ask the Governor. He was cornered in a local business in downtown Charlottesville and had to be escorted by body guards out the rear of the building.


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    • pontoon

      I was at the rally on the downtown Mall.  We threatened no one.  The governor chose not to speak to us and ducked into the restaurant.

      We are grassroots groups…Free Nelson, Friends of Nelson, Friends of Augusta, the Augusta Alliance…homegrown, landowners, concerned citizens.

      It’s a tactic used by the powerful interests to call grassroots organizers names, to try to label us as nuts, or tree huggers, et cetera.  Not going to work this time.