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John Foust Sends Barbara Comstock a FedEx Package After She Compares Immigrants to Packages


From the Foust campaign:

FAIRFAX, Va. –  Following Barbara Comstock’s offensive comments comparing immigrants to FedEx packages, today the John Foust campaign sent a FedEx package to Comstock’s campaign headquarters, containing the following note from John Foust: 


Delegate Comstock:


People are not FedEx Packages. I urge you to immediately apologize to Northern Virginia’s rich and diverse immigrant community.



John Foust

  • pvogel

    good thing I didnt    get involved   with this,  as I  would  have put some  dogpoop in the package.     I need to   sublimate  by baser instincts

  • scott_r

    …and hilarious.  I really hope she gets hammered at the polls.  

  • BatCave

    Based on a lot of what I have seen, you would think the 10th CD is a Democratic district by +20. Romney beat Obama here in 2012 by a small percentage, but Obama got buried in Frederick County.  I just don’t see how antics like this help win over swing voters, and even some Republicans, in Frederick County.  And he has to do that in order to win.  

    Don’t get me wrong, he has run a good race so far on several fronts, and she has not.  But none of that may matter if he can’t win independents and swing voters in Frederick County.  And with the 10th CD having the second worst turnout rate in VA in 2010, he is going to have to win independents to pull this race out.