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Video: Barbara Comstock Dodges Roe v. Wade Question, Says She’s “not running for the Supreme Court”


Watch the video from the Comstock-Foust debate earlier this week for one of the most ridiculous, disingenuous answers you’ve heard in a long time. Either Comstock’s just flat-out lying, or she has a fundamental misunderstanding of what her job would be if she (god forbid) is elected to Congress. In reality, of course, the House of Representatives votes all the time on issues related to women’s reproductive health and freedom, access to contraception, you name it. That’s why John Foust just wrote Comstock the following (bolding added by me):

September 4, 2014

Dear Delegate Comstock,

This campaign has already exposed some clear differences between our views when it comes to women’s healthcare choices.

While I believe that women should be able to make their own decisions, you’ve made it clear that you are in full support of overturning Roe v. Wade, and your record of voting for mandatory trans-vaginal ultra-sounds and for crippling restrictions on women’s healthcare facilities speaks for itself.

You are entitled to your opinions – even if they are out of touch with Northern Virginia’s values. But at yesterday’s debate you defended your support for overturning Roe v. Wade by claiming it would not come into play in Congress. It absolutely comes into play in Congress. Not only is that sentiment patently false, it’s insulting to women and families who have watched the Republican Congress lead repeated attacks against women’s rights to make their own healthcare decisions.

Not being a member of the Supreme Court did not stop you and the right-wing Republicans in Richmond from voting for mandatory trans-vaginal ultrasounds, the personhood amendment, or the TRAP regulations aimed at shutting down abortion providers. I have included 23 pages of at least 105 votes that the US House of Representatives has taken on issues of reproductive freedom.

It’s important that we have an honest conversation about the issues that matter to our community and the role of our Representative in Washington. As we continue this conversation throughout the campaign, I urge you to be straightforward about your beliefs.


John Foust  

  • True Blue

    105 votes in VA by those like Comstock;

    468 votes by politicians in 2014 alone to restrict women’s reproductive health,

    O to restrict men’s reproductive health.

    “Of the 468 proposed restrictions, 21, covering 13 states, have been adopted thus far. But much like the Supreme Court’s Hobby Lobby ruling in June, the impact of these 21 bills could be felt across the country. In Virginia, for example, genetic counselors can now “refuse to provide any information to patients because of their personal religious or moral beliefs.” In Arizona, helping a minor obtain an abortion without parental consent has been classified as a crime. And in Kansas, counseling materials no longer state that they are “objective, nonjudgmental and scientifically accurate.” Julianne Ross, Aug. 1, 2014

    AND she thinks it should be determined by each state?  Is that not what is happening right now?   ALEC induced. ALEC exposed.