• True Blue

    Barbara Comstock’s false and incredulous claim about Roe v. Wade and women’s healthcare – “would not come into play in Congress.” washpost

    How many bills have politicians in Congress have introduced in 2014 to regulate reproductive health?   468 for WOMEN, 0 for MEN.

    And this, after Hobby Lobby decision:

    “We’re not fooled by the GOP’s newfound embrace of over-the-counter birth control – and neither are the experts who’ve been trying to make this happen for years.” healthaffairs.org

    “Ob-gyns aren’t buying that Republicans suddenly want to make it easier to get birth control – and neither are we.” naral.org on huffingtonpost.com

    “Doctors worked for years to get a medical degree. Anti-choice politicians didn’t.” Kate Michelman

  • Charles Stanton

    has a new ad out hitting Rigell on his federal votes against the interests of women…..