Video: This Extremist is a Barbara Comstock Endorser. And No, She’s Not a “Moderate” in Any Way.


    For more of Mark Levin’s insanity (e.g., that the GOP is filled with “cockroaches” who aren’t conservative enough; that the National Organization for Women is actually “the National Organization of Ugly Women”; that there really are “death panels” in Obamacare; that clean air and clean water mean “poverty;” etc.) see here. Also see Barbara Comstock touting this nut’s endorsement below. Bottom line: Comstock’s not a “moderate,” as she’s no doubt like people to believe, in an way, shape or form. And she’ll prove it if she gets elected to Congress on November 4. Let’s make sure that doesn’t happen!

    • Does Barbara Comstock agree with her BFF Mark Levin that:

      *”The left has a totalitarian mindset.”

      *Liberals’ ideas are “goofy” and “stupid.”

      *”Eric Holder has single-handedly destroyed the Department of Injustice…good riddance.”

      *Calls Eric Holder a “good Marxist.”

      *Says current Republicans in Congress, and Republican candidates, are not conservative enough! LOL

      *The Democratic Party is a “totalitarian party…we live in a post-constitutional period.”

      *”This is the Gerald Ford/Nelson Rockefeller Republican Party, they will not stand up to this tyranny, they can barely speak in complete sentences…they don’t speak about principles…We conservatives…need to take this party back…from cowards…corporatists…crony capitalists…these people are not conservative Republicans, they are neo-statist, big-government Republicans.”

      *Hillary Clinton is “Barack Obama in a pantsuit.”

      *”Obamacare is an attack on religious liberty…faceless, nameless bureaucrats rewriting the first amendment of the Constitution.”

      *Claims Eric Holder “is the coward because he won’t talk about Islam.”

      *He asks how about a speech from the President of the United States in defense of Christians, women, Israel, etc.

      *He jokes repeatedly about voter ID and “voting twice.”

      *”We are not some minor cult…We need to fight this effort to silence us, this PC stuff…They treat us like we’re this fringe…We’re in the middle…the radical leftists have taken over the Democrat [sic] Party…”

      *”This President…does not represent me, period.”

      *”I’ve had it with an incompetent Republican bureaucracy and all of their consultants.”

      *We’re now in the middle of “World War III.”

    • Yep, this guy.