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Virginia News Headlines: Monday Morning


Here are a few national and Virginia news headlines, political and otherwise, for Monday, September 29.

*Obama: U.S. misjudged rise of Islamic State (“In a ’60 Minutes’ interview, the president also acknowledged that the U.S. overestimated Iraq’s ability to fight the militant group, which on Sunday pounded a strategic Syrian town with artillery shells.”)

*Eric Holder and Robert F. Kennedy’s legacy (“Kennedy, who spoke of those who braved ‘the disapproval of their fellows, the censure of their colleagues, the wrath of their society,’ would understand the risks that Holder ran.”)

*Paul Krugman: Our Invisible Rich

Libertarian Think Tank Removes Piece Comparing Eric Holder To George Wallace (Charming.)

*Police use tear gas as thousands of protesters persist in Hong Kong (“Police discharged tear gas and fired rubber bullets in the air Sunday in a failed attempt to scatter pro-democracy demonstrators in Hong Kong who appear to pose the greatest test yet for China’s ‘one country, two systems’ approach to governing the former British protectorate.”)

*Ashraf Ghani Sworn In as Afghan President, Says ‘We Are Tired of Insecurity’

*Online campaign ads may prove decisive in midterm elections

*If Supreme Court takes a same-sex marriage case, it could be Virginia’s (“The court will meet today to decide which cases it will take up in the coming term. One of them may be Bostic v. Schaefer, which originated when a Norfolk couple sued after being denied a marriage license.”)

*Localities may have big cuts to make (Thanks Republicans!)

*Jim Webb, former senator from Va., takes on his party’s hawks. And maybe Clinton. (Not sure how someone who still strongly supports the Vietnam War is “anti-war,” but alrighty…)

*Councilman shouldn’t have voted

*For Nationals, a perfect day that encapsulated an entire season

*Chance of showers this afternoon

  • From the Virginia Seventh District Democratic Committee:

    Richmond, Virginia –  While Americans are calling for an end to Washington gridlock, Republican/Tea Party congressional candidate Dave Brat (Va-7) has aligned himself with the very obstructionists who were behind last year’s government shutdown and who are known for their inflammatory and outrageous invective. This past Saturday, Laura Ingraham, the radio talk show personality, known for invoking Hitler when talking about Democrats, mocking immigrants and saying in one of her books, “True Americans are white, Christian and conservative,” appeared on Dave Brat’s behalf in the district.

    Brat featured radio talk show host Laura Ingraham at a fundraiser on September 27th. Ingraham is well known for her incendiary commentary, such as saying immigrant children are a threat to America.  Both Brat and Ingraham have financial ties to the Koch brothers, according to various news reports.

    Abbi Easter, chair of the Seventh District Democratic Committee, issued this statement on Laura Ingraham’s appearance. “Americans are exhausted by the politics of gridlock and name-calling. They want leaders willing to work together, not those who traffic in conspiracy theories and the politics of ‘no,'” Ms. Easter said.

    “Obstructionists, like Ingraham, are preventing our country from moving toward solutions. They prefer instead to simply lob accusations at government and have no interest in problem-solving,” Ms. Easter added.

    “Apparently, Mr. Brat, who shies away from appearing in debates and who doesn’t want to have an extensive dialogue with his voters, prefers to let individuals like Ms. Ingraham do his talking for him. Linking himself to Laura Ingraham tell Virginia voters all they need to know about Dave Brat.

    “What Virginians want is to restore sanity to government and move beyond a ‘Do Nothing’ Congress. We need someone in Washington willing to roll up his sleeves and fix what is broken, not simply hurl outrageous accusations at the other side.  Jack Trammell is a problem-solver who will work across party lines to find actual solutions and improve the lives of his constituents,” Ms. Easter concluded.”