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Virginia News Headlines: Saturday Morning


Here are a few national and Virginia news headlines, political and otherwise, for Saturday, September 27. Also check out President Obama’s weekly address, in which he talks about the effort against ISIL.

*U.S. carbon emissions surge, erasing progress (This is why the newly-proposed EPA Clean Power Plan is good, but not nearly aggressive enough. We need to put a serious price on carbon pollution ASAP.)

*Inside the Koch Brothers’ Toxic Empire

*ALEC tries to prove it’s not lying about climate change, fails miserably (Of course they do!)

*Eric Holder’s legacy: Protecting civil rights

*What To Expect At The 2014 Values Voter Summit (In short: extremism, bigotry, and insanity. Just another day in FarRightWingnuttia.)

*Chelsea Clinton gives birth to a girl

*Good luck with that ethics panel, Virginia (“The very fact that leaders like Howell and Norment are in place and the primary system will make McAuliffe’s efforts very difficult. One wonders if you could go outside the diseased legislative system and forced change through the courts.”)

*Sen. Tim Kaine Speaks on ISIS Threat & Policy Options

*Our view: Legislators should take ethics panel seriously (“Unfortunately, House Speaker Bill Howell and Senate Majority Leader Tommy Norment sounded a dismissive note about the governor’s commission in a joint statement” – of course they did.)

*Dominion Power launching bid to bury power lines (“Dominion Virginia Power is beginning an estimated $2 billion program to place about 4,000 miles of historically outage-prone electric power lines underground by 2026.”)

*Virginia’s new ethics reform commission is a welcome step (Sure, although this line — “Mr. McAuliffe helped his cause by naming respected former officials as co-chairmen of the commission – former lieutenant governor Bill Bolling, a Republican who presided over the state Senate for eight years and served in it before that, and former representative Rick Boucher, a Democrat who served almost 30 years in Congress” – is just laughable.)

*Yet another poll … PPP has Warner up 13 points (My guess is that, in the end, Warner will win by 10-15 points.)

*Poll: Most Virginians approve of airstrikes

*Carr presses independent campaign against Morgan Griffith in 9th district (“Carr said he feels Griffith, often described as a conservative, has become too moderate during his time in office.” Hahahaha!)

*Feds: Norfolk schools ignored bullying, sexual harassment

*Fister’s complete game shutout clinches home-field edge for Nats

*Weekend weather will be near perfect

  • I’m talking about this:

    “Redskins Four” Responds to Daily Show

    FAIRFAX, Va. – Today, the four Virginia residents on the “Redskins Fan Panel” – Kelli O’Dell, Brian Dortch, Maurice Hawkins, and Charles Barr – responded to the airing of a segment on “The Daily Show” with John Stewart last evening:

    “The Daily Show invited us to participate on September 13 in a ‘fun and informative’ segment about our favorite football team, the Washington Redskins, and told us to wear ‘as much Redskins gear as you can!’ They specifically told us that our segment would only be about proud Redskins fans and would not involve a “cross – panel” with those tribal activists who oppose the name.

    Based upon those false statements, we gave consent to tape the segment. When it  became apparent that the show was solely designed to intimidate and embarrass us for supporting the Redskins name and traditions, we revoked our consent. This occurred  just after the Daily Show forced us into a staged ‘show down’ in a small room with activists and others who accused us of ‘racism.’

    Our revocation of consent was made clear to ‘The Daily Show’ in a letter submitted by our attorney, which stated that our September 13 the consent was obtained under ‘false pretenses’ and the Show  was not permitted to use our names or statements in any way.

    The Daily Show has proceeded to display our images on television and over the Internet in a one-sided and deceptive manner calculated to classify us as ‘racists,’ for wearing the very clothing and expressing the very viewpoint that they specifically requested.

    Dishonesty in the name of political correctness is still dishonesty. The Daily Show had no right to feature us last night, without our permission. Nor do they have any right to keep our images on the Internet in a manner that willfully misrepresents the facts of the issue and our personal beliefs.”

  • Perfect together! Brat says, “Look who I just ran into backstage at the Value Voters Summit in DC.” Yep, the crazy Value Voters Summit with crazy Sarah Palin. What a combo.

  • Yes, more of this please! 🙂

    Ah, how times have changed.

    Speaking on the floor of the House 20 years ago today, at about 10:30 a.m. ET, Rep. Boehner said:

    “Republicans are going to be signing a contract with the American people. And what makes this effort different than promises made in the past is that we’re saying to the American people that if we are in the majority, we will bring up 10 bills for consideration, in open consideration, on this floor within the first 100 days. And if we don’t live up to our end of the contract, we urge you, the American people, to throw us out.

    “The liberal Democrat establishment here in Washington is worried. Judging from their violent reaction to the idea of a Contract with America, it’s clear that they’re afraid. If the American people are given a pledge that is kept, it will ruin their chances of ever making empty promises again. The liberal Democrat establishment in Washington doesn’t understand the concept of a contract because they don’t understand the meaning, or the power, of a kept promise. That is what my colleagues on the other side of the aisle are so unhappy about today.

    “Everyone should be aware that the people who are upset with the Contract with America are the same people who promised to deliver health care within 100 days – two years ago. The same people who promised a middle-class tax cut and raised everybody’s taxes instead. The same people who promised to end politics as usual and instead gave us a scandal a week. They never intended to deliver on their promises, so they assume that everyone else is the same. But they’re wrong. Dead wrong.”

    A few weeks after these remarks, the American people entrusted Republicans with control of the U.S. House of Representatives for the first time in 40 years. Under the leadership of House Speaker Newt Gingrich and Majority Leader Dick Armey, the new House Republican majority kept its word, voting on measures like a balanced budget amendment to the Constitution, welfare reform, legal reform, and middle-class tax cuts. Some of these ideas were vetoed by President Bill Clinton. Some were blocked by Senate Democrats. And one – a term limits amendment to the Constitution – received a majority of Republican votes in the House but fell short of the two-thirds majority required for passage.

    Now they resist standing for anything.