Video: New Ad Hits Barbara Comstock’s Ethical Problems


    From the Foust campaign: “The spot highlights Barbara Comstock’s abuse of her role as a delegate in Richmond by pushing the agenda of her clients, while hiding it from Virginians. ‎Previously, the Washington Post reported that Comstock also failed to disclose $85,000 in payments from clients, ‘an apparent breach of congressional ethics rules.’ While Comstock’s right-wing agenda fits in with the Republican Congress, it’s out of touch with Northern Virginia’s values.”

    • loudoun independent

      I’m just glad to see Foust talk about something other than abortion.  

    • True Blue

      I vote Foust for financial responsibility and budgeting experience!   Comstock has huge financial ineptitude and disclosure issues; $85,000 undeclared income, WFI conflict of interest, large credit card debt.  What else will be discovered?

      I vote Foust for pragmatism and support of bipartisan transportation measures!  She seems to be courting those in the western part of the district, not workers in urban areas that actually benefit from the transportation bill.  

      I vote Foust for support of public education!   One of her ads touts restoration of money for education; a pittance when she voted to cut $620 million.  Her votes in 2013-14 favor religious or homeschool measures, not public education.

      I vote Foust for women’s issues!  He supports Paycheck Fairness, ERA, VAWA, a woman’s reproductive rights.  She doesn’t because it’s a “leftist” agenda?

      and many more. . .

    • JimWebster

      Seems like it would have been stronger if the voice-over would have inserted the words “anti-labor” between “a trio of” and “bills.”

    • embryonic stem cell research. Gack.