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Will Speaker Howell and Leader Norment Support Fair Redistricting?


Excellent question from DPVA, although I'd also ask the question to Democrats like Dick Saslaw.  And, of course, how firm will Governor McAuliffe be on this? Will he be willing, for instance, to veto, veto, and veto some more if need be? We'll see…

Yesterday's historic decision by the Eastern Court of Virginia has paved the way for fairer Congressional districts that better reflect Virginia's unique demographics. Governor McAuliffe and Democrats statewide have welcomed this important ruling and its implications for fairer representation for all Virginians.  Editorial boards like the Richmond Times-Dispatch and the Virginia Gazette have already weighed in to call for fair redistricting. Will Republican leadership follow suit, or continue to spew the same extreme partisanship that puts ideology ahead of the Virginians they're supposed to serve?

Speaker Howell and Leader Norment have remained painfully silent. Speaker Howell has repeatedly declined to comment, leaving Virginians to wonder — will Republican leadership support fair redistricting, or continue to promote unequal districts to further their partisan plans?  

"Speaker Howell and Leader Norment must support fair redistricting that yields more contiguous, concise districts," said Morgan Finkelstein, press secretary for the Democratic Party of Virginia. "It's the right thing to do for Virginia. But so far, we've heard nothing from Republican leadership to indicate they'll fight for the fair and equal representation Virginians deserve." 

  • glennbear

    The 5th is a fine example of gerrymandering that needs fixing. It runs nearly the entire north south axis of the state and contains more land area than the entire state of NJ. We need non partisan redistricting.  

  • totallynext

    There was an agreement between all parties in the commonwealth – i.e. Rep control HOD, Dem controlled Senate and the Congressional incumbents themselves all bought off on all the BS gerrymandering (for both parities) just to keep their select seats / majority.

    Governor Mac… get the freakin task force in place right now – if we are going to go through a redistricting in 2015 for the 2016 elections then now is the time to lead and get out of this in front politically and morally.

    Additionally, add on the task force to look at the state districts as a preliminary to what should occur in 2021!

  • JHooe44

    They will draw 4 blue districts and 7 red districts. GOP will give up VA-7 to shore up other districts. David Brat is not establishment, and he can’t do anyone any political favors. So he will be the sacrificial lamb to save the establishment incumbents who have been in office for longer periods of time.

    They will add CVille and some of VA-4 into VA-7. Drop the deep red parts of VA-7 into other districts (VA-5?). This removes VA-5 from any future long-shot contention.

    Then add the deep blue pockets of VA-2 into VA-4. This takes VA-2 off the table for even the most optimistic Democratic years.

    The Dems are left with VA-8, 11, 7, and 4 as their very safe blue districts. GOP keeps the other 7.

    The only question I have here is are they going to use this opportunity to fight the changing demographics of VA-10 and make it safer for a Comstock defense in 2016. I would bet they do, and this we’re left with 4 blue districts, and 7 red.