Del. Joe Morrissey to Resign, then Immediately Run in Special Election on 1/13/15


    Joe Morrissey – No member of the Virginia House of Delegates dating back to the House of Burgesses has ever been forced to resign. No case or constitutional precedent. However, because of the respect he has for this institution and desire not to be a distraction, he has a few moments ago tendered his resignation as a delegate to the Clerk of the Virginia House of Delegates, effective January 13, 2015. A special election will, not coincidentally, be held on that same date – January 13, 2015.  Morrissey then announces his candidacy for the special election! “It’s the voters who must decide…right now there is a bit of a cloud or a taint” over my seat.  Morrissey says he will seek the Democratic nomination – firehouse primary, convention, whatever process is set, he’ll abide by them.

    • “I am glad that Delegate Morrissey has made the right decision in stepping down,” said Democratic Leader David J. Toscano.  “We can now turn back to the work of the 2015 legislative session, including reforms to our ethics laws, addressing the problem of sexual assault on college campuses, and expanding economic opportunity to all Virginians.”

      “We made it clear with our statement last Saturday that Delegate Morrissey should resign, so that the citizens of the 74th House District could elect a representative free from significant personal distractions,” said Caucus Chair Scott Surovell.  “Delegate Morrissey made the right choice for his constituents, the Caucus, and the Commonwealth.”

    • hrprogressive

      I’m surprised, but pretty much nothing surprises me about Virginia Democrats these days.

      This is basically the equivalent of:

      “I’m sorry if you were offended” / “I’m sorry I got caught”.

      Now, maybe he hasn’t had jurisprudence leveled at him yet, and I don’t know the whole story, so, you know, “Innocent till Proven Guilty”, blah blah blah.

      However, if he really thought/knew he was innocent, why would he bother “resigning” anyway? Make them remove you if you know you’re on level ground.

      But “Hey I’m going to quit, but I’m going to run for my seat again, because reasons” sounds nothing but slimy to me, so.


    • Statement on the decision by Delegate Morrissey to run in the special election

      Richmond, VA – Following Delegate Morrissey’s decision to run in the forthcoming special election the House Democratic Caucus released the following statement.

      The Caucus’ initial statement was issued after the receipt of Delegate Morrissey’s letter of resignation but before his announcement of running in the special election.  

      “Delegate Morrissey’s announcement that he will run in a special election after just resigning his House of Delegates’ seat is both outrageous and sad,” said Democratic Leader David J. Toscano.  “To say it is outrageous goes without saying, but it is also a sad and sorry display of political grandstanding that simply hurts the Commonwealth, its political institutions and the constituents that he purports to represent. This further confirms my view that he should not be serving in the House of Delegates.”

      “We have been very clear that we wanted Delegate Morrissey to step down and allow a new representative to serve the citizens of Richmond, Henrico, and Charles City County,” said Caucus Chair Scott Surovell.  “It is time for him to honor that request by abiding by his resignation and not attempting to run in the special election.”

    • Enki

      I don’t think the “taint” that’s over his seat is what got him into trouble.

      If he’s elected by the voters, then the blame belongs to the voters who didn’t bother to find out why he was running in a special election.  God save the Commonwealth!