Video: US Senator Dianne Feinstein Unveils CIA Torture Report on Capitol Hill


    To read the report, click here. Key findings include: 1) “Torture didn’t stop a single terrorist attack;” 2) “The CIA lied about the success of torture in obtaining intelligence;” 3) “Not everyone approved of the torture policy;” 4) “The torture methods were far more brutal than originally reported;” 5) “Water-boarding caused physical harm.” In other words, everything Dick Cheney and other torture apologists/cheerleaders said wasn’t just wrong, it was an out-and-out lie. Remind me again, why haven’t there been prosecutions of these people?

    • Pat Mullins, bizarro world as usual.

      RPV Chairman Pat Mullins issued the following statement:

      “Regardless of whether one approves or disapproves of the CIA’s actions, there is no question that this inaccurate, ideologically-driven report will place many Americans in greater danger.”

      “Mark Warner and other members of the outgoing Democrat majority have done an extreme disservice to Virginians serving their country in both the armed services and diplomatic corps, and all for the sake of scoring political points. Mark Warner’s agonized hand-wringing will do nothing to protect his constituents endangered by this flawed report, and acting to ‘get it behind us’ will mean little to those who will face enemy fire because of his failure to act.”

      “This is a sad parting gesture of defiance and impertinence as the era of Democrat control comes to an end.”

    • The declassified summary of the Senate Intelligence Committee’s report confirms that the Central Intelligence Agency’s Detention and Interrogation Program had a policy of torture in contravention of federal law and international conventions. While the CIA suggests that such tactics were necessary to protect the nation from future terrorist attacks, the report indicates that the relationship between many counterterrorism successes cited by the CIA in support of the policy and the ‘enhanced interrogation techniques’ was tenuous at best and non-existent at worst.

      The problem with torture is that when you begin torturing someone, you have no idea if you will be able to get any accurate, actionable information. So when you have a policy of torture, you have to accept the possibility that on some occasions, no meaningful information will be acquired as a result. This report adds insult to injury in that it suggests that none of the CIA’s torture in the name of the security of the United States produced any meaningful, actionable intelligence.

      After World War II, we tried, convicted, and, in some cases, executed Japanese soldiers for war crimes that included charges of waterboarding. The United States is seen as a moral authority in the world, but we failed to lead by example in how we treat enemy combatants in our custody. Regrettably, our use of torture only encourages other countries to torture our courageous men and women in uniform if captured. As the report outlines how the CIA’s policy violated criminal law and our nation’s constitutional values, I hope that the House Judiciary Committee will hold hearings on this issue soon after the next Congress convenes in January.

    • “Senator Kaine has serious concerns about the enhanced interrogation techniques used by the CIA during the Bush Administration and strongly supported the release of this thorough report. Based on its findings, Kaine’s doubt as to the effectiveness, necessity and justification of these harsh methods is warranted. It’s his hope that by fully exposing these wrongs we can help guard against the future use of such a program, which is inconsistent with American values.”

    • Dan Sullivan

      This is the icing on her brilliant legacy.

      I enjoyed watching her manhandle Wolf Blitzer about an hour ago. I can hardly wait to read the executive summary and eventually the full report.