Virginia News Headlines: Thursday (Christmas Day 2014)


    Here are a few national and Virginia news headlines, political and otherwise, for Thursday, December 25. Happy Christmas, Chanukah, or whatever you’re celebrating this year!

    *Pope condemns religious violence in Christmas address

    *Swift Fall of Oil Prices Raises Fortunes of U.S. Abroad (“A plunge in oil prices has sent tremors through the global political and economic order, helping the United States but pushing several big oil-exporting nations to the brink of financial crisis.”)

    *Everything Is Awesome! (“Well, not everything. But America’s looking much better than you think.”)

    *Gun Used In NYPD Murders Was Sold At Pawn Shop Where Guns Regularly End Up In Criminals’ Hands (Shocker.)

    *How to win Christmas arguments: Salon’s guide to defeating your crazy right-wing uncle

    *Bill O’Reilly’s spoiling my Christmas: Why his nonsense undermines the holiday I love (“With every predictable rant by the human outrage machines, the holiday loses a little magic for me. Here’s why.”)

    *Dominion’s Pipeline: The Battle Is Joined! (Terrible idea, we should be putting that money into energy efficiency, solar and wind, not more fossil fuels.)

    *One year in, ‘we’re just getting started,’ McAuliffe says (“Part of moving ahead will involve playing hardball to win back the state Senate for Democrats in the 2015 legislative elections. Democrats have targeted five districts held by Republicans, who now have a 21-19 edge in the chamber.”)

    *Kevin Sullivan defends firehouse primary for Morrissey’s seat (I’m still not sure why it couldn’t have been opened up to more people, like a normal “firehouse primary,” preferably with Instant Runoff Voting.)

    *Houses of worship in Hampton Roads provide place for homeless during holidays

    *Two week outlook: Trending colder and stormy into the New Year, but lots of uncertainty

    • Dan Sullivan

      rather than the process. That is the result of a leaderless DPVA with neither a strategy nor a plan. One sad part is that Kevin or anyone other than Morrissey may have won without the Party shenanigans. It is very likely that the turnout in the limited access firehouse is more a reflection of apathy than the stipulation and that the outcome wouldn’t have changed. But now we will never know.

      If McAuliffe expects to gain back the Senate in 2015, his team will have to dig out of a organizational and financial hole. If he really wants to help his friend win the White House, he’ll fix what’s wrong outside that building down on Franklin.