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Young Woman at Center of Morrissey Case Pledges to “help Mr. Morrissey clear his name & reputation”


The following email was sent by the young woman in the middle of the case against Del. Joe Morrissey. Although she’s 18 years old, ergo an adult, I’ve deleted her name, as I’d rather not be the one to publicly “out” her in such a sensitive case like this one. Her email is in response to this statement by the Virginia Legislative Black Caucus, calling for Del. Morrissey to “resign from office immediately,” and including Senator Mamie Locke’s comment that Morrissey had “abused his position of authority and his continued service brings blight on an institution that has stood as an aspiration for democracies for over 400 year.” The email further cites the “basic human right to not be preyed upon, especially in the workplace.”

Dear Senator Locke,

My name is ***** ***** and I am the young woman in question in regards to the Joe Morrissey matter. I have come across your statement made in respect to the situation. First, let’s be clear about one thing, I have not been asked by anyone to comment back upon your statement. I would like to express my deep disappointment of your statement. You have made harsh comments to which you have absolutely no knowledge about. In your statement, you have stated two things that are troubling. 1. The Democratic Party cannot be an organization that stands for the rights and interests of women yet allow someone who has admitted to endangering a young woman to continue to serve as one of our colleagues in the General Assembly. 2.This includes the basic human right to not be preyed upon, especially in the workplace. I intend to make a few things clear.

1.     I was NOT “preyed” upon, but rather given an opportunity to explore my passion of becoming and attorney and to pay for my college expenses that my father, whom I’ve been estranged from since 9 years old had no intentions of doing. For what’s its worth Mr. Morrissey and his law firm has been gracious and provided me with more than my father has in my entire life.

2.     You have stated that YOU and your democratic colleagues stand to protect the rights and interests of women, however, if that’s so, where were YOU and YOUR colleagues when my father was physically abusing me? Where were YOU and YOUR colleagues when my father stole my tuition money, but yet YOU and YOUR colleagues are about “protecting the rights and interest of woman”.

Despite the circumstances that I raised in and yet again another tragic issue in my life, I have continued to move pass all evil. I was accepted into a governor high school and finished up in 3 years as an A student. While in high school, I was 1 of 3 students to be accepted to attend Stanford Law School to participate in a mock trial. I have gone on to attend college and still maintain straight A’s. I intend help Mr. Morrissey clear his name and reputation. If not for me lying about my age and my family intending to extort money from Mr. Morrissey, he would not be in this situation. I appreciate him dearly for making the decision to enter an Alfred plea (to which he has NOT ADMITTED GUILT), sparing me the trauma of a trial and the embarrassment of my family. Next time you decide to express your opinion and pass judgment, I suggest you reach out and have your facts straight and focus on young ladies who have been beaten, victimized and raped.

  • CADeminVA

    But if they let students with language skills as weak as hers graduate with A’s in three years, then the Governor’s Schools are complete and utter frauds. And if she has moved through college with straight A’s then the Apocalypse is well and truly upon us.

  • scott_r

    …but even if she were 18 at the time of the incident (not even getting to whether she misled him or not), I think carrying on a sexual relationship with an intern of yours shows, at best, highly questionable judgement.  There is still a power dynamic and it’s skeevy, even if she were a legal and willing participant.  This is what always bothered me about La Monica: not that he was unfaithful to Hilary, not that he dared to want sex…but the nature of the power relationship.  

    I do think her feelings on the matter deserve respect – and if she does not feel ‘raped’ or voliated, then it’s not for others to claim she is – at least not in the rhetorical (vs. statutory) realm.  She should avail herself of a proof-reader, only to better make her case.

    I didn’t read the judgement and didn’t realize he took an Alford plea – his resistance to resigning makes more sense in light of that; can someone (a VA Bar member) comment on how an Alford on a misdemeanor impacts his license?

  • Dan Sullivan

    It really doesn’t square with or support the story he is weaving.

  • Elaine in Roanoke

    As I read the young woman’s statement, I am struck by two things:

    1. This woman does not want to be portrayed as a victim or as someone who was “preyed upon.” She evidently made a decision that she does not regret, deciding to have a relationship with Del. Morrissey. So, I won’t infantilize the women in this situation by insisting she is a “victim.” Morrissey, on the other hand, bears responsibility for having a sexual relationship with an intern, someone who obviously craves the attention of an older man in a position of authority (Note the references to her own father’s behavior). I won’t second-guess her feelings on the situation she is now in, nor will I believe that Morrissey acted any way except with gross stupidity.

    2. “If not for me lying about my age and my family intending to extort money from Mr. Morrissey, he would not be in this situation.” That statement summarizes the dilemma of this whole matter. Morrissey acted using the little “brain” below his waist that  has caused many people to rue the day they did. He had, or should have had, the judgement this woman lacked as a 17-year-old. He didn’t…