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34th, 63rd Virginia HoD Districts Special Election Returns: Open Thread


Virginia polls closed at 7 pm, and results should be coming in shortly from the 34th and 63rd House of Delegates districts. I’ll post updates here as information comes in.  What are you hearing?

UDPATE 8:12 pm: The State Board of Elections website has it Murphy 51%-Parisot 48% with 54 out of 55 precincts reporting.

UPDATE 8:00 pm: In Fairfax County, Great Falls precinct went Murphy 258-Parisot 254; Churchill precinct went Murphy 210-Parisot 163; Kenmore precinct went Murphy 373-Parisot 340. This one is O-V-E-R, stick a fork in it and all that…and congratulations to Delegate-elect Kathleen Murphy! 🙂

UPDATE 7:53 pm: Sugarland South in Loudoun went 211-192 for Murphy; Sugarland North went 307-259 for Parisot. Loudoun overall went 1,480 Parisot-1,477 Murphy. Del. Marcus Simon just tweeted, “Congratulations Kathleen Murphy – my newest colleague in the House of Delegates.”

UPDATE 7:48 pm: In Fairfax County, Westbriar precinct went 383 Murphy-270 Parisot. Chain Bridge went 373 Murphy-281 Parisot. Langley went Murphy 307-Parisot 256. With just 4 precincts oustanding in Fairfax and 2 precincts in Loudoun, it’s starting to look good for Murphy! (@notlarrysabato just tweeted, “Calling this one for Kathleen Murphy, low turnout in the snow leads to a Democratic pickup.”)

UPDATE 7:43 pm: The State Board of Elections finally updated. With 27 of 55 precincts counted, it’s Murphy 3,469-Parisot 3,386.

UPDATE 7:40 pm: In Loudoun County, it’s now Murphy 1,007-Parisot 981. Just two precincts (Sugarland North and Sugarland South) outstanding.

UPDATE 7:38 pm: In Loudoun County, it’s now Murphy 845-Parisot 831. More results from Fairfax: Hickory precinct went Parisot 272-Murphy 257; Spring Hill went Murphy 282-Parisot 272; Wolf Trap went Murphy 499-Parisot 353; Seneca went Parisot 331-Murphy 269; Salona #1 went Murphy 143-Parisot 86; Cooper went Murph 190-Parisot 183.

UPDATE 7:31 pm: In Fairfax County, absentees went to Murphy 672-Parisot 667. Shouse  precinct went Murphy 273-Parisot 230. Colvin Run went 280 Parisot-210 Murphy.

UPDATE 7:24 pm: In Loudoun County, so far it’s Kathleen Murphy (D) 630-Craig Parisot (R) 600. Murphy won Potomac Falls precinct 182-158 and South Bank precinct 218-170. Parisot won Seneca precinct 170-131 and absentees 102-99. Something tells me this could be a nail biter!

UPDATE 7:16 pm: Make that 237-33 (87%-12%) for Joseph Preston in 63rd, with 8 of 31 precincts reporting. I think it’s fair to say congratulations to Delegate-elect Preston. 🙂

UPDATE 7:12 pm: In the 63rd district, Democrat Joseph Preston is off to a huge percentage lead, 87%-13%, over Independent W.H. “Mouse” Jones, Jr., although with just 47 votes in. 🙂 Still, Preston should win this one easily.

  • Richmond, VA — Today, voters of the 63rd district elected Democrat Joseph Preston to represent them in the House of Delegates. Delegate-elect Preston replaces Rosalyn Dance, who was elected to serve in the State Senate to fill the seat held by Henry Marsh.

    “I want to extend my deepest congratulations to Joseph Preston for being chosen to serve the people of the 63rd district as their new delegate,” said Caucus Chair Scott Surovell. “While we will miss Rosalyn Dance here in the House of Delegates, we are heartened to have Joe aboard as her successor in the 63rd district.”

    “Joseph Preston brings a wealth of experience from his work as an attorney and in the public sector that will serve both the Commonwealth and the people of the 63rd district well. I look forward to working with Joseph to expand economic opportunities and strengthen the middle class,” said Democratic Leader David Toscano.”

  • Richmond, VA — Today, voters of the Commonwealth’s 34th District elected Democrat Kathleen Murphy to represent them in the House of Delegates. Delegate-elect Murphy defeated Republican Craig A. Parisot in today’s special election to replace outgoing Delegate Barbara Comstock.

    “I am proud to offer my sincere congratulations to Kathleen and her family on this important victory. Anyone who knows Kathleen will tell you how passionate she is about serving the people of her district — and I know she will bring that same energy and determination to get things done in Richmond,” said Caucus Chair Scott Surovell.

    “By electing Kathleen Murphy today, the people of the 34th House of Delegates district sent a strong, clear message to Richmond that they are ready to keep Virginia moving forward,” said Democratic Leader David Toscano. “I look forward to working together with Kathleen and our fellow Democrats to expand economic opportunities, strengthen the middle class, improve our schools and build a solid future for the next generation of Virginians.”

  • Delegate-elect Murphy defeated Republican opponent Craig Parisot in a special election to represent Virginia’s 34th House District

    Alexandria, VA – Tonight, Tarina Keene, executive director of NARAL Pro-Choice Virginia, heartily congratulated Delegate-elect Kathleen Murphy on her successful bid to represent Virginia’s 34th House District, which includes parts of Fairfax and Loudoun Counties. Murphy – whose victory represents a pro-choice pick-up in the Virginia House – is expected to be sworn into office when the 2015 General Assembly session begins next week.

    “I am absolutely thrilled to congratulate Kathleen Murphy on her victory this evening,” said Keene. “As a steadfast supporter of women’s health and rights, Kathleen Murphy will be a welcome addition to the Virginia House of Delegates, where she can be counted on to stand firm in support of reproductive freedom and health care access.”

    “Murphy’s win tonight is yet another sign that Virginians are fed up with their elected officials interfering in women’s personal health care decisions,” Keene continued. “NARAL Pro-Choice Virginia was proud to support Kathleen Murphy’s campaign, and we look forward to working with her in the House of Delegates for many years to come.”

    NARAL Pro-Choice Virginia PAC endorsed Kathleen Murphy in December and contacted over 1,500 voters in the 34th House District in support of her candidacy.

  • Congratulations to Kathleen Murphy and Joe Preston for their victories tonight. The 2015 General Assembly faces real challenges on spending priorities, education, economic development, health care, the safety of our children, creating and preserving opportunity for our people, and badly needed ethics reform.

    I want to offer a particular thank you to Kathleen Murphy for two great campaigns. We need more women in office in Virginia, and I’m proud of Kathleen for stepping up and fighting for world-class education and transportation, and offering a strong voice for Virginia women.

  • OuttaTowner

    for Democrats down in Virginia. Nice pair of wins.

  • pvogel

    The kickoff party  for Rob Krupicka   was wonderful,  and when  someone   said  Murphy  won,         loud  applause  and general    excitement commenced

  • DLCC Statement on Virginia House District 34 Special Election Victory

    WASHINGTON (January 6th, 2015) – Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee (DLCC) Executive Director Michael Sargeant released the following statement on the results of tonight’s special election in Virginia House District 34, left vacant by Republican Congresswoman Barbara Comstock:

    “I wish to congratulate Kathleen Murphy on her victory tonight in a crucial swing district in Northern Virginia,” said Sargeant.  “This is an important victory for Democrats, the first of many to come in the New Year.  Delegate-Elect Murphy should be proud of her winning effort and the trust her constituents have placed in her.”

    Sargeant continued:  “The DLCC was proud to invest in the strong campaign run by the House Democratic Caucus and Team Murphy.  Voters tonight responded to Delegate-Elect Murphy’s strong, progressive voice on issues like health care, job growth and gun safety – issues that make a difference for Virginia families.  We look forward to Delegate Murphy’s service in the Virginia Legislature.”

    Guided by its mission to produce winning Democratic majorities in state legislatures, the Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee (DLCC) builds and maintains the progressive infrastructure that enables Democrats to protect and pick up legislative chambers and seats across the country. Since 1994, the DLCC has followed a 50-state strategy that allows Democrats to go on the offense in state capitols.