Dominion Sues Nelson County Sheriff


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    Dominion filed lawsuits against 47 Augusta and Nelson County landowners in attempt to seek what it believes is its right to survey private property without landowner permission in December.  Dominion made those suits public on Christmas Eve, assumingly in an attempt to ruin folks holidays

    Today, Dominion’s second round of lawsuits came to light.  Included among the 39 additional suits filed in Nelson County is one for Nelson’s Sheriff David Brooks and his wife, Sherri. The Brooks responded with this statement:

    “It is disappointing that our government has sold our property rights to the highest bidder. We will continue to protect our land and we are not intimidated by Dominion’s strong arm tactics.”

    Dominion’s suit brought against the Brooks is especially devastating for the couple as Sherri Is fighting cancer with strength and determination.

    Dominion seems equally determined to ignore the wishes of the people in the path of its proposed pipeline, displaying the depth of their disdain for the circumstances in which the Brooks and others face in their daily lives.  Greed, profit, and a business plan calling for the continued use of fossil fuels against all odds has seemingly become Dominion’s mantra!

    • Enki

      Seems the President of Dominion is a childhood friend of convicted Felon, TollBooth Bob McDonnell. They don’t care about no stinkin’ law!

      “Property rights?” What is this anarchy these lowly citizens talk of?  Do you think Dominion Power cares about people?  Especially people fighting Cancer?  Don’t you understand that Dominion is fighting the future?  

      Do you recall the way the North Anna site was built?  Over a million dollars worth of tools, brand new tools, were buried under dirt so accountants didn’t have to justify their expense.  But the rate payers paid for them nonetheless.  Dominion is no stranger to abuse of process and power. They may have changed their name but VEPCO (Virginia’s Expensive Power Company) is still the same crooked bunch.  

    • glenbesa

      If you can’t be bought, expect Dominion to sue you.  In 2014, Dominion spent $1.2 million buying political loyalty with campaign contributions–the most of any non-party affiliated contributor, and five times more than the second largest contributor.  Dominion – “we take our name seriously and if don’t see it our way, we’ll sue you.    

    • pontoon

      Against Nelson’s Sheriff.  Charlottesville’s Channel 19 is reporting Dominion made an error in suing the Brooks and 13 other Nelson landowners.