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Webb Jumps the Shark, Contradicts Everything He’s Said Since 2006, in Bizarre “Middle Class” Tweet


(UPDATE: The comments on this are scathing. – promoted by lowkell)

For anyone who remembers Webb's 2006 campaign for U.S. Senate, you undoubtedly recall that he talked constantly about the poor getting poorer, the rich getting richer, and the “middle class getting squeezed.” Yet now, for some bizarre reason, he's not a “fan” of the “'middle class' lingo” or apparently of “class” rhetoric?!?  Sorry, but Jim Webb has now officially jumped the shark. WTF? 


Not a fan of the “middle class” lingo. Fighting for hard working Americans and small business isn’t about class.  

  • Say What

    How so? There are two Americas. The very well off & connected and then there’s the rest…. who more often than not are a paycheck or two away from poverty. The middle class is dwindling and while it was fine to talk about it as a focus group (like in the 80s or 90s).. why not talk about the realities of the day. The majority of Americans  are not “middle class”… even if they  think they are … the metrics have shifted that much.

    Webb has been very consistent. He wants to talk about the base (is it healthy? NOT). And the base is not “middle class” … it’s the struggling class.

    You’re making way too much out of a tweet.

  • pvogel

    In the race  for 2016.

  • va_lady2008

    Full disclosure: I campaigned for Webb, or tried to.  Donated to his campaign. Voted for him. Truly appreciate his efforts on behalf of veterans. Think he has some sound ideas on prison reform. And also think he’s too idiosyncratic to be president. His habit of quitting when he doesn’t get his way, which he did as Secretary of the Navy, and Senate, dusqualify said him.  

    Perhaps we shouldn’t be to quick to “divine” the meaning and intent he

    squashed into a 140 character tweet. Webb is somewhat unconventional in his thought processes. That doesn’t mean he has a point of some kind.

    Maybe he was suggesting that the middle class aspirations, the meme now being adopted by the GOP,  Is being peddled to the very people ejected from that status by the people who caused the trouble?  

    Maybe he is saying this because there is no middle class any more:  The GOP now promises hope of elevation into something that no longer even exists, to people whom it ruined?

    Then again, he could easily have meant something completely different.

    Twitter does not lend itself to precision, accuracy, or expression of nuanced, complex thoughts.

    Life is complicated, and sharing nuance is pretty much impossible in 140 characters

    On the other hand, Twitter seems ideally suited for the dissemination of drivel (of which the regrettable Sarah Palin is only one example) and hate. I believe it’s the white supremacists’ medium of choice. Fundamentalist terrorists seem to like it, possibly because it precludes the use of big words. Like ‘tolerance.”

    People (including almost all politicians)  who don’t understand social media probably ought ought to hire people who do understand it.  

  • ir003436

    Webb needs to read Thomas Piketty, “Capital in the Twenty-First Century.”  Piketty proves three points through analysis of over a century’s worth of economic data:

    1.  Without strong government intervention, wealth accumulates in fewer and fewer hands while poverty and misery spread and opportunity for those without wealth disappears.

    2.  Without strong government intervention, a solid middle class is impossible.

    3.  A strong middle class is necessary for republican representative forms of government to survive.

    I think Warren Buffet knows more about it than Jim Webb:

    BUFFETT: Actually, there’s been class warfare going on for the last 20 years, and my class has won. We’re the ones that have gotten our tax rates reduced dramatically.


  • Quizzical

    Here’s an article about Jim Webb — sounds like it is really hard to get a handle on what he stands for.


    I take his tweet about “not a fan of the ‘middle class’ lingo” as being more about the lingo than about the middle class.  

    Of course he has used the phrase “middle class” himself, even recently, so it is puzzling why he suddenly announced that he is not a fan of the middle class lingo.  

    But I think it would be astute for a politician who wanted to address issues of economic fairness to clothe the arguments in the rhetoric of, well, economic fairness.  To overuse class warfare type rhetoric would probably only succeed in drawing fire from a score of multi-million dollar PACS.

  • Say What

    Lowell … whether it’s here at your great website or Daily Kos .. and Kos himself. I’m laughing with sorrow at how self righteous my leading progressive bloggers have become.

    They go overboard with litmus test and parsing of ideological purity … the recent result being a disastrous  mid-term elections with the House & Senate in Republican Control. Oh My .. if the voters only knew better. What hubris I’ve seen from the progressive front leaders.

    Meanwhile HuffPost declares that Obama is now a “Middle Class” warrior. That is their assessment. Now I like Obama greatly. His Presidency has run smack on into racial bigotry & obstruction. In spite of that he has succeeded. But he is President of a whole country and there are plenty of people who are not middle class and have lost interest in politics / and or HOPE. Do you remember that slogan?

    Webb too dealt with obstruction. In spite of that he succeeded on 2 of 3 major initiatives. He has supported the President as the President has support him. Not a perfect quid pro quo … but support & respect just the same.

    You really need to think about where the Democratic Party is right now … and why. Because by most metric analysis … they have FRACKED UP badly!! I think you would agree.

    Webb wants to move away from these class / divisive politics … that’s what that simple tweet was about. He is about fairness … that means not singling out a particular economic group, faction or political ideology. Read the quote my man… He’s fighting for “Hard Working Americans!!”

    Its you Lowell … who has jumped the shark!!  Good Luck with that.