Video: All You Need to Know About New PW County Supervisor Jeanine Lawson at 3:57 of This Video


    Yep, it’s a huge, enthusiastic ovation for extremist nutjob/former Virginia AG Ken Cuccinelli from the crowd on hand to support newly-elected Prince William County Supervisor Jeanine Lawson (Tea Party Republican). As for Lawson’s remarks, yes, we DO know what you “stand for” (far-right-wing Tea Party values), and that’s what is so disturbing. In fact, a leading Prince William County Democrat tells me that “she will be the most extreme right winger on the Board” (which is saying a lot, given that people like “illegal” immigrant basher Corey Stewart is chair of said Board), for instance saying supposedly saying stuff (according to my PW County Democratic source) in the past about how “preschool is a waste of money.” This should be…uh, interesting?

    • ir003436

      First, the background:  I retired from Army 1995, 28 yrs of service.  We lived in PW County several times when I was stationed at Ft. Belvoir, Pentagon, and Clarendon.  Wife, daughter, daughter-in-law, and son all taught in PW and Manassas City schools.  Daughter-in-law and son live in PWC; she is still in the PWC schools.  Daughter is a high-powered DC attorney.

      I sent this article to daughter who talked with a friend who is in PWC Democratic politics. The friend reports:

      — Lawson is tight with Cooch

      — Cooch is Lawson’s neighbor (?)

      — PWC GOP has plans for Cooch to be very involved in the county

      — Lawson may go after Chuck Colgan’s seat — adding another rightwing wackadoodle to the state Senate.

      Remember — as I stated in my reply to an earlier diary about Brentsville District, PWC:  This district is lily-white, zoned agricultural and “rural crescent” with minimum residential lot size 5 acres, to keep “the others” out.  Brentsville District High School was, years ago, site of a couple of ugly racial incidents involving the baseball team.  From my contacts with friend living there, nothing has changed, which explains Lawson and Cooch.

      Meanwhile, I’m certain the DPVA has a strong candidate ready to go to replace Colgan — right??