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Video: Virginia House of Delegates is Baaaaaaack!


With Joe Morrissey sworn in a little while ago by House of Delegates Clerk Paul Nardo, and with the Pledge of Allegiance having been recited, the Virginia House of Delegates is baaaaaaack in session. I’m sure they’ll pass all kinds of fine, progressive, pro-environment legislation this session. Or more likely, it will be a right-wing s*** show. Anyway, as I said, they’re baaaaack! LOL

P.S. Reporter  ‏@MichaelLeePope just tweeted, “.@SpeakerHowell says he forgot to inform Senate that House is ready to proceed; @RobertGMarshall jokes, ‘Don’t tell them!'” Also, @RTDSchapiro tweeted, “He’s got cojones: @DelJoeMorrissey says bouncing him from #Va House after jailhouse win in special elex would ‘taint and sully’ legislature.”

  • ir003436

    And, as we all know, the legislature has clean hands and pure hearts and is without sin.

  • Much-needed legislation by Del. Scott Surovell.

    State Corporation Commission; availability of records. Expands the scope of what constitutes administrative activities of the State Corporation Commission (SCC) to include matters relating to comments filed by the SCC or its staff with federal or state agencies or other governmental bodies that relate to federal or state policy proposals, rules, orders, or regulations. Such administrative activities do not include any such comments filed in a regulatory or legal proceeding docketed by the SCC. The SCC is required to make available for public inspection records related to its administrative activities.

  • for the interests of his constituents. See HB 1990 Payday lending; prohibition for instance: “Prohibits any person from engaging in the business of making payday loans to any consumer residing in the Commonwealth.”

  • January 14, 2015 (Washington, D.C.) – U.S. Representative Don Beyer, Northern Virginia Democrat, voiced his opposition to Bill No. 1414 put forth in the Virginia House of Delegates by Del. Robert Marshall. The proposed bill would give any business accredited or licensed by the Commonwealth of Virginia the right to refuse service to same-sex couples if that business has “religious or moral” objections.

    “Virginia has made remarkable progress toward marriage equality in recent years, reaffirming the Commonwealth’s old adage, ‘Virginia is for Lovers.’  Delegate Marshall’s proposal to allow businesses to discriminate against anyone demonstrating “homosexual behavior” is shocking in its ignorance of the steps our country has made since Jim Crow laws like this existed.  This bill is offensive, not just to LGBT Virginians, but to all those who value equality and civil rights.  Governor McAuliffe has promised to veto this bill and I support him,” said Rep. Beyer.

    Del. Marshall’s bill would block Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe’s executive order to state agencies to recognize same-sex marriage.

    “All Virginians should have the right to love, marry, and adopt with their committed partner. It is time to update our Commonwealth’s constitution to reflect the our values of fairness and equality. Gov. McAuliffe, State Senators Ebbin and Howell, and Delegates Krupika, Surovell, and all those should be commended for working tirelessly to ensure that it does,” added Rep. Beyer.

    Gov. McAuliffe announced on Monday that his administration is updating all sections of the Virginia code referring to “man and woman” or “husband and wife” to be changed to “spouse” as part of his Equal Opportunity Legislative Agenda. Similarly, State Senators Adam Ebbin, Janet Howell and State Delegates Robert Krupicka and Scott Surovell have filed resolutions in the General Assembly seeking to remove the gay marriage ban from the Commonwealth’s constitution.

  • HB 1869 Abolish common-law crime of suicide; assisted suicide; penalty. Interesting on the suicide, also on the assisted suicide (what is the penalty for that now in Virginia? shouldn’t physician-assisted suicide for terminally ill patients, with strong safeguards, be considered?)

    Abolish common-law crime of suicide; assisted suicide; penalty. Abolishes the common-law crime of suicide. Suicide is currently a common-law crime in Virginia, although there is no statutorily prescribed punishment. The bill also provides that a person who knowingly and intentionally, with the purpose of assisting another person to commit or attempt to commit suicide, (i) provides the physical means by which another person commits or attempts to commit suicide or (ii) participates in a physical act by which another person commits or attempts to commit suicide is guilty of a Class 1 misdemeanor. The bill provides further that a search warrant may be issued for the search of specified places, things, or persons in connection with the commission of suicide.

  • Tom

    During the Dominion Power Line Town Hall meeting this Monday the 12th of Jan. at Battlefield High School, Bob Marshall bragged about his prefiled HB1708 bill that would if passed require the owner of the proposed data center in Haymarket (Amazon) to pay the entire cost of placing the 230 kilovolt power lines underground (with, not so surprisingly, zero cost to Dominion power).

    “Sideshow Bob” claimed at the Town Hall meeting that his bill serves the interests of the local residents, when in fact the sole purpose of his bill serves the financial interests of … Dominion Power, which “coincidentally” has given $10,000 to Marshall (legal bribe per VA “ethics” law ?) and to his Senate patron Dick Black who himself has received $7,500 from Dominion Power. Black has not yet prefiled his companion senate bill and therefore has no SB number assigned – possibly because Dominion Power hasn’t yet written Black’s bill for him ? Marshall was very careful to point out that he and Sen. Black have no problem with Dominion Power, only the owner of the proposed data center at Haymarket (Amazon). I surmise that may mean that Dominion’s quid pro quo payments to Marshall and Black were deemed adequate by both.


  • Tom

    There were also two people who were doing audio recordings of all the audience members and I assume the audio from the speakers on the stage was also recorded, but I don’t know if Marshall had anyone doing a video recording.

    I’ll check the local CBS station web site to see if they have a video recording of the entire session (it went for about two hours).

    It’s also possible that someone from Heritage Hunt may have done a video recording. I’ll ask our HH Board of Directors chair and if he had someone record the session, I’ll ask him if he can let me copy it to a flash drive.

    Marshall did say there were two Dominion Power stenographers so it’s possible there might be a transcript available if Marshall or Dominion Power is willing to release it for public consumption.

    F.Y.I., the Battlefield auditorium was filled to capacity, the vast majority strongly opposed to the high voltage power lines – standing room only. Corey Stewart was on the stage along with Peter Candland and neither was able (or willing) to answer most of the questions asked of them – e.g., when and why the PWC BOCS approved a zoning variance to allow a data center at a location zoned only for commercial use, NOT light industrial use that allows a data center. Corey even said there had been no zoning changes (or variances to allow permits for a data center) in the past 20 years – obviously not a truthful answer, typical of Corey.

    I’ll send you whatever info. I can come up with within the next few days. Please feel free to call me or send an e-mail message at any time.