Shocker: Teapublican House of Delegates Does Something Right, Nixes Secret Execution Drugs Bill


    Good riddance this horrible bill (would have made the contents of execution drugs secret – seriously!), which just went down to defeat in the Teapublican-controlled Virginia House of Delegates by a 56-42 vote (I hear all Dems voted to kill it). I also hear that Del. Rick Morris (R) basically argued government of/by/for the people, and that government shouldn’t do anything in secret. Del. Charniele Herring (D) correctly argued that killing human beings shouldn’t be done under a veil of secrecy. In contrast, our old pal Del. Dave Albo (R), infamous for this embarrassing performance (among many many others) said it wasn’t a big deal. Finally, Dick Saslaw deserves condemnation for sponsoring this horrible bill, as does any Democrat – or Republican, but you kinda expect it from them – who voted for this.

    • va_lady2008

      No, not really. The progressive view might go something like this:  

      “If gov’t has nothing to hide, then it has nothing to fear from exposure of its practices.”

      The Teahadi view would be something like this;

      “We’re not at all afraid to admit what we’re doing, because we’re right, and everyone rose is a traitor.”

    • …here are the delegates – all Republicans on this list, unless I’m missing someone – who voted for the execution drug secrecy bill today.

      YEAS–Adams, Albo, Austin, Bell, Robert B., Bloxom, Byron, Campbell, Cline, Cole, Cox, Davis, DeSteph, Edmunds, Fowler, Garrett, Gilbert, Greason, Helsel, Hodges, Hugo, Ingram, Jones, Kilgore, Knight, LaRock, Leftwich, Marshall, D.W., Massie, Miller, Minchew, O’Bannon, O’Quinn, Orrock, Pillion, Poindexter, Ransone, Rush, Stolle, Ware, Wilt, Wright, Yancey–42.