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Virginia News Headlines: Sunday Morning


Here are a few national and Virginia news headlines, political and otherwise, for Sunday, February 22.

*Deeper Ties to Corporate Cash for Doubtful Climate Researcher (Yet more evidence that fossil fuel money is behind mmost climate science denial. It also appears to have corrupted the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics, big time).

*U.S. threatens new sanctions against Russia (Well deserved!)

*Walker says he is unaware whether Obama is a Christian (Walker is a demagogue, also utterly unqualified to hold public office.)

*Scott Walker’s cowardice should disqualify him (Yep.)

*Bill O’Reilly’s Argentina story challenged by ex-CBS News journalist (Still very little coverage of this story compared to the blanket, headline coverage of Brian William. Gee, I wonder why…)

*McAuliffe: ‘Crass, partisan’ DHS funding threat jeopardizes public safety

*Schapiro: Nothing tidy about Va.’s clean-government push (“But more insidious ethics issues are again being overlooked or ignored. That’s a reminder of a constant in statehouse politics: Legislators are reactive, given to minimal remedies and inclined to denial.”)

*After sweeping corruption verdict, McDonnells emerge with light sentences

*The McDonnell Saga Is Far From Over (“If the Robert McDonnell’s appeal is successful, then it would have a big impact on his wife, as well as loosen the interpretation nationally of how far ‘honest services’ should go. If the government is successful, then expect a crackdown on public official hankie-pankie.”)

*State budget deal to return money to local governments

*Northam: The gaping hole in Virginia’s budget (“The most important investment we could be making has been discussed the least: Medicaid expansion.”)

*In Virginia, little chance of raising more road revenue

*No known progress on new Virginia’s 3rd Congressional District map (They’ve clearly got higher priorities in the Teapublican-controlled Virginia General Assembly, like legalizing “throwing stars” and stuff. Heh.)

*For now, McDonnell’s legacy dominated by ethics reform (“Some of his work has withstood the past year. But parts have been chipped away, including key elements of his transportation deals and two education reforms.”)

*Arlington to sell fiber optic access as part of economic development

*Fairfax prosecutor resumes probe in 2013 police killing of John Geer

*Roanoke County to consider Mountain Valley Pipeline committee

*Our view: Pipeline roulette

*Fighting federal rules, Va. legislators want sugary school bake sales back (Now THAT is a top priority! /snark)

*A slight reprieve today before another front puts us back in the deep freeze

  • Through its examination of the last several election cycles, the Democratic Victory Task Force has identified areas for the DNC to strengthen its work and win elections in both presidential and midterm elections including:

    • Having a clear, values-based narrative that unites us as Democrats and engages and appeals to the broadest swath possible of the American electorate.

    • Creating strong accountable partnerships with active Democrats and all those who share our values in all 57 states and territories and Democrats Abroad.

    • Proactively protecting and expanding every American’s right to vote.

    • Building a three-election strategy for redistricting – at the state and federal level.

    • Identifying and promoting the next generation of Democratic leaders, including citizen activists from a cross-section of backgrounds and walks of life. Over the next three months, the Task Force will continue to meet on a regular basis and it will commission additional research in each of these areas and develop action plans with the goal of having several pilot programs in place for the 2015 elections. The Task Force will also take an in-depth look at other areas including how we:

    • Build relationships with Americans that motivate them – and mobilize them – to vote.

    • Resource the tools and tactics needed to communicate in the 21st Century in every community- speaking and fighting for their values year-in and year-out.

    • Build an accessible and open party where all are – and feel – welcome, and where their voices are heard, their values are respected, and their experiences are understood.In May of 2015 the Task Force – in partnership with the Democratic National Committee – will release a strategic plan to guide the Party’s efforts through the 2022 elections.

  • OK, sorry, but this is utterly nonsensical. This would be like the Washington R**skins saying they know how to win football games, even though since 2009 they’ve gone 32-64. Yet national Dems argue that despite getting wiped out since 2008 in the states and Congress (the only real success being President in 2012), they “know how to win elections?” I’d also point out that 2006 and 2008 were national “wave” elections favoring the Democrats, given George W. Bush’s (and the Republican Party’s) deep unpopularity, anger over the Iraq War and Hurricane Katrina and a million other things, the start of the Great Recession, etc, etc. Having participated myself in the 2006 as a staffer on the Webb for Senate campaign, I can definitely say that we benefited from those “tail winds,” but that they were also a somewhat unique set of circumstances that we can’t count on again. As a grassroots activist and blogger since 2003, I’d also say that there’s been almost ZERO effort at building the party from the “base” up, at nurturing grassroots talent, at supporting grassroots efforts, at welcoming new energy/blood into the party, etc, etc. And, of course, the national party (and donors) have mostly ignored the states, which has been utterly disastrous on multiple levels. How does this short document by the DNC address any of that? It doesn’t, as far as I can tell.

    We have suffered devastating losses at all levels of government since 2008 including:

    – 69 House Seats

    – 13 Senate Seats

    – 910 State Legislative Seats

    – 30 State Legislative Chambers

    – 11 Governorships

    Yet we know how to win elections.  Elections in 2006, 2008, 2012 and ballot initiatives and other races this last cycle demonstrate that our issues and candidates resonate with voters…

  • hereinva

    It starts at the “bottom”. Strong local Dem committees are better at attracting potential candidates. If you cannot attract Dem candidates to run at the local level need to ask WHY?  

  • Jim B

    Does it occur to anyone that there are not enough liberals to win elections? We win when the repugs put up some really stupid candidates that even conservatives can’t stomach. But, overall the repugs have most bases covered like guns, gays, abortion and religion. Apparently jobs don’t mean much to repugs. So what is left for liberals, the environment? Maybe liberals only win when so called independents show up.

  • Question: how can anyone take Faux “News” seriously?  Why do any Democrats go on that network? I will never comprehend either of those things.

  • Which, of course, O’Reilly is not. Unless by “real reporter” you mean “pathological liar.”

  • How on earth is the Rudy Giuliani story, and the Republicans’ reaction (which, in the case of the Jindals and Walkers of the world, are VERY telling) NOT a news story? Chuck Todd is an idiot, Part Gazillion. Oh, and Chuck? Don’t forget not to “bark” at your guests or they might not come back on your stupid show! LOL