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Del. Rob Krupicka Announces He Will Not Run for Reelection


Just got this from Del. Rob Krupicka…wow, I did NOT expect that!

P.S. My understanding is that there are only 10 days until the filing deadline, which is not much time for anyone to decide to run, get organized, gather signatures, etc.

Serving the people of Alexandria, Arlington, and Fairfax has been one of the greatest honors of my life. For the past 12 years, I have had the chance to serve as an elected official in one of the most vibrant, diverse, civically-engaged places in the United States. It is always humbling to talk to my constituents because they always know so much about so many issues and they always teach me something.

Coming back from session this year, I was forced to evaluate the number of hours in the day and how I fill them. Between business, family, and public service, it is clear that I’m burning more candles at more ends than I can sustain.

I have a growing business with employees and investors that depend on me—a business that gives me a chance to put my values into action by supporting local non-profits, promoting a strong wage, and by giving people a second or third chance to get on their feet. I have also spent time in the last weeks reflecting on the fact that my family has tolerated me missing a lot due to public responsibilities.

Having spent over half of my adult life involved in public service in some way or another, it is time for me to step back from elected life to focus on my growing business and on my family. I don’t like to do anything halfway and the demands on my time make it impossible for me to be the engaged, active public servant that I have always tried to be.

I believe in Virginia’s part-time public service model. It is designed to minimize politics as a career and to give a variety of people the chance to serve and better the Commonwealth. It also inevitably creates conflict with an individual’s family, financial, and career needs. After 12 years, that conflict has become too stark for me.

There are many good people who have the time and passion to serve the 45th district well. I know the district will be well-served by whomever holds the 45th district delegate seat.

It will take years to say thank you to all my friends and family that have enabled my service and supported me over the years. You all put up with the all too frequent requests to volunteer or donate and much more. I know our work together has left things a bit better than we found them. I know we have more to do. I am looking forward to finishing my term, with a focus on my early childhood work, and then continuing civic activities and working with all of you through my business and as a community volunteer.

In Service,


  • pvogel

    in 2006,       when he  was city council.   That was enough to me me get off my   rear end  and try to make a difference

  • Del. Alfonso Lopez: “I am so disappointed that my friend Rob Krupicka has decided to not seek another term in the Virginia House of Delegates. He has become a force in just a very short time – as a passionate and effective speaker on the Floor, strategist, and leading voice on education policy. More importantly, he is a kind and generous person – who embodies the best ideals of public service. I know we’ll see each other in Northern Virginia – but I’m going to miss him in Richmond (we all will).”

    Del. Scott Surovell: “Disappointed to hear about Rob Krupicka’s decision not to seek another term. Rob is a team player, was our caucus education expert, and gave us valuable strategic advice. I wish him luck in doughnut business.”

    Dem. campaign manager Jarrod Nagurka: “Wonder if Libby Garvey or James S. Lander will run for Rob Krupicka’s seat? Both have shown an interest in the legislature– Lander briefly announced against Krupicka before dropping out, and Garvey ran against Krupicka and Ebbin for Senate. Hard to see Garvey leave the Board though… District is only 20% Arlington but with a non-IRV primary, if a bunch of candidates from Alexandria jump in, Lander or Garvey could pull it off if only one of them runs. Also important to note that turnout will be high in both Alexandria and Arlington with County Board/ City Council elections. One thing’s for sure, I desperately wish Karen Gautney still lived in the district! Final thought… the House Democrats are going to really miss Rob. He was invaluable education expert and did a lot of good in his short time in Richmond. Wishing him all the best.”

    LG Ralph Northam: “Earlier today Delegate Rob Krupicka announced that he will not be seeking re-election this fall. It has been a pleasure working with him in Richmond, especially in the area of early childhood education and development. He has served the public for all the right reasons and we would be lucky to have more legislators like him; I wish Rob and his family all the best and thank him for his service.”

    Del. Patrick Hope: “Very sad to learn @RobKrupicka won’t seek reelection. He’s a great legislator and a good friend. He will be missed.”

  • kindler

    On the one hand, this shows the stupidity of Virginia’s model of paying their legislators poverty-level wages and keeping them at work a ridiculous low number of days.  I don’t see how it can be very rewarding. It’s basically made for people who have their own steady sources of income, not for the average person that it would be kind of nice to have our General Assembly representing.

    On the other hand — 10 days before the filing deadline?  Could you not have done this more thoughtfully and made this decision at a more considerate time, Rob?

  • 1. Julie Jakopic. President/CEO of iLead Strategies. “Leadership coaching, strategic planning, business and relationship development, organizational change. iLead Strategies helps you make the impossible possible.”

    2. Carrie Ann Alford: Legislative Assistant to State Senator Toddy Puller. “I am passionate about learning new things, being a useful member of society and a public servant. I am looking for ways to combine my background in writing and politics with my current studies in national security and intelligence policy and legislative affairs. I want to serve my country.”