Randy Forbes Declares Bigotry is Christian


    While Jeb Bush made his usual, mushy, try-to-please-everybody response yesterday in Atlanta when asked about a proposed Georgia law to allow businesses to discriminate against gays by claiming a religious belief, Rep. Randy Forbes (R-4th Virginia) clearly declared his support for such discrimination a few days ago in an op-ed appearing in the Washington Examiner, when he and another Representative, James Lankford of Oklahoma, straight out advocated for prejudice against gays. Bush hedged his support for blatant discrimination by saying that “couples in long-term committed relationships” deserve “respect,” but then justified prejudice by stating that people had a right to discriminate because of their “faith.” Not Forbes.

    Forbes and Lankford  used a bizarre, ridiculous  reason for their support of bigotry, tying it to a business decision by Chipotle restaurants to refuse to buy and serve pork from suppliers using cruel factory farming of pigs. Because Chipotle could decide from whom to buy its food, Forbes argues that all businesses  should have the right to discriminate against gays and lesbians because they say their “religion” requires it. Or, put another way, if one can “discriminate” against pork for humane reasons, then bigots should be able to discriminate against other people on the basis of who they love. Huh??

    Without even going into the obvious unconstitutionality of such discrimination, my first question for the legally-challenged representative from the 4th District is this: Just how will businesses know a person is gay? In Nazi Germany it was easy because gays and lesbians were required to wear pink triangles. Is that the next step in a Forbes plan to let people justify their hatred through claims of a religious exemption?

    It’s past time for voters in the 4th District to find someone else to represent them, someone who won’t be a national embarrassment.  Randy Forbes does nothing for the citizens of his district, while doing far too much to show the world just how ridiculous he can be.

    • Elaine in Roanoke

      Every time I remember that Randy Forbes sits on the House Judiciary Committee, which is now chaired by Bob Goodlatte (VA-6th), I realize the need for prayer: God help us all.

    • K in VA

      Forbes is an odious little shit. Equally odious are all the people in his district who keep sending him back to Congress. Ditto Lankford and his constituents.

      But, in the name of historical accuracy, I must ask you to correct one error in your piece. The pink triangle in Nazi Germany was something worn in concentration camps by men who had been arrested under the pre-Nazi law (Article 175, dating from the late 19th century) against homosexuality. No gay man had to wear the triangle if he hadn’t yet been caught (unlike Jews in ghettoes, who had to wear yellow badges at all times).

      And no woman ever had to wear a pink triangle anywhere because being a lesbian was not a crime under Article 175. (German law, like a British law also implemented in the late 19th century, only criminalized sex between men.)

      (We can, of course, say that some American right wingers are even more vicious than Nazis, in wanting to criminalize both genders.)

    • of the Virginia Congressional delegation, and that’s saying a lot given how horrible folks like Morgan Griffith, Bob Goodlatte, Dave Brat and Barbara Comstock are. What’s particularly maddening is that a big part of the reason he’s still there is due to the “packing” of African Americans in the third CD, which borders Forbes’ fourth CD. Put 10%, 20% whatever of the African Americans currently in the third into the fourth, and Forbes’ days as the horrendous Congresscritter he’s been would be seriously numbered…

    • Enki

      What if my religion found Christians to be people that should be avoided at all costs?  Would that be fair to discriminate against them?  Seems Mr. Forbes opens lots of doors to reverse discrimination with his narrow minded logic.  My belief system doesn’t allow me to hire Christians or people who follow an invisible ghost in the sky.  Seems I can now refuse to hire these people or treat them fairly using Forbes rule of law.  

      People that justify their prejudice open themselves and others of like mind to being treated, as they treat others.  

      Something about that “Golden Rule” just seems to escape many people of faith.