Video: Atlantic Coast Pipeline Would Be “All Pain, No Gain” For Virginia


    See the ad below, and also the the All Pain No Gain website, for more on how Dominion’s proposed Atlantic Coast Pipeline would be all pain for property owners, the environment, small businesses, public safety, local heritage and history, and future generations. As an added “bonus,” there would be no serious GAIN from this pipeline either (for jobs, the economy, power rates, etc.), despite the Big Lie propaganda put out by Dominion Power and sadly echoed by Gov. McAuliffe. Bottom line: this pipeline is a profoundly stupid idea any way you look at it. Instead, what Virginia should be 100% focused on is clean energy – efficiency, distributed and utility-scale solar, offshore wind, etc. Clean energy is the (clean, safe, incresingly inexpensive) future for our state, fossil fuels are the (dirty, dangerous, expensive) past. The choice is an easy one, except for those whose income depends on denying the obvious.

    • GBMLJ

      Thank you for bringing the threat to western Virginia to Richmond audiences.

      For a list of the nearly 30 organizations belonging to the Allegheny Blue Ridge Alliance:

      Some of the best and most thorough journalistic coverage has come from The Recorder out of Highland County, but articles are not accessible for free.