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Virginia News Headlines: Thursday Morning


Here are a few national and Virginia news headlines, political and otherwise, for Thursday, March 26. Also, courtesy of Stafford Dem Marc Broklawski, check out the “‘greatest hits’ compilation of extreme Tea Party testimony bullying the Stafford School Board into abandoning Title IX.” It’s kinda like watching Faux “News” or Glenn Beck or something. And no, that is NOT a good thing! Ugh.

*Slandering solar is not about protecting taxpayers, but utility’s monopoly status (By former Rep. Barry Goldwater, Jr.)

*Saudi Arabia launches heavy strikes in Yemen

*Pilot reportedly locked out of cockpit as plane crashed

*Bowe Bergdahl, once-missing U.S. soldier, charged with desertion

*Opinion analysis: A small victory for minority voters, or a case with “profound” constitutional implications?

*Should Your State Be Able to Ignore the Nation’s Most Important Pollution Law? (“Republicans think so.” And of course, yet again, they are wildly wrong.)

*Obama’s Very Smart Reason for Being So Tough on Netanyahu (Agreed, stay the course.)

*McAuliffe to sign state budget with no amendments or vetoes (“A year after Gov. Terry McAuliffe and the General Assembly engaged in a bitter, three-month standoff over adopting a budget, the governor on Thursday is expected to sign a revised budget without any amendments or line-item vetoes.”)

*Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe is expected to veto about 20 bills (He should have vetoed or heavily amended the Dominion bill too.)

*Rep. Beyer set to replace Rep. Van Hollen as DCCC finance chair

*Dominion plans to build natural gas power plant in Southside (Again, they should first and foremost be maxing out energy efficiency, which they most certainly are not, and also renewable energy, before building any new fossil-fuel power plants.)

*Morrissey announces Senate bid, vacates House seat (“Del. Joe Morrissey, I-Henrico County, on Wednesday formally announced his bid for state Sen. Rosalyn Dance’s seat in the 16th Senate district. As required by state law, Morrissey vacated his seat in the 74th House of Delegates district.”)

*McAuliffe orders Va. ABC officers to be retrained in use of force, diversity

*Budget to take Beach forward (“The knee-jerk response to a proposal – by anyone, anywhere – to increase taxes by 6.4 percent is NO. It’s particularly true in Virginia Beach, where the city manager has recommended increasing the real estate tax rate to 99 cents per $100 worth of property. Residents are unconvinced of the need.”)

*SCOTUS Alabama decision may affect Virginia election maps

*Mother, daughter from Virginia on flight that crashed in French Alps

*Editorial: Morrissey isn’t getting state political leaders’ hints

*Temperatures in 70s Thursday, showers likely; snow possible Friday night

  • Nice job!

    As of Thursday, March 26, at 9:30 a.m. more than 21 students at the University of Mary Washington have engaged in a non-violent direct action sit-in at President Hurley’s office to show support for his recent backing of the creation of a subcommittee to research divestment.

    Rector Holly Cuellar’s decision not to allow a vote for the subcommittee on Wednesday, March 18, conveyed to the students that the BOV does not have the intention to actually hear the voices of DivestUMW, more than 1,000 UMW students, a third of faculty, and the President himself.

    Rabib Hasan, co-chair of DivestUMW, stated that “UMW BOV Rector Holly Cuellar’s decision shows the apparent disconnection between the BOV and the student body, and it has resulted in inadequate student representation in our university. They need to show us whose side they are on.”

    DivestUMW’s demands read as such: “To the University of Mary Washington Board of Visitors & Administration- Please respond to the overwhelming student demand for fossil fuel divestment immediately. Students are sitting in today to demand that you take decisive steps towards divestment. The global climate crisis is urgent; UMW should create a subcommittee for divestment and commit to creating a plan to divest from the coal industry by the end of the Spring 2016 semester.”

  • March 26, 2015 (Washington, D.C.) – U.S. Representative Don Beyer released the following statement today on the House Democratic Budget:

    Last night the House passed the Republican budget. As anyone who has ever had to make payroll every week can tell you, budgets are critical tools that outline priorities and values. We need to draw a blueprint for progress and invest in working families. However, the House Republican budget jeopardizes our economic recovery and exposes middle class Americans to harmful cuts that only widen the inequality gap. We came to Congress to create opportunities for hard working Americans, not for special interests, and it is our job to ensure a secure financial future for all of our constituents, not just those with the deepest pockets.

    Disappointingly, the Republican budget targets our federal workforce. Federal employees deserve a budget that does not undermine our commitment to them or their contribution to the American economy. The House Republican proposal to cut nearly $300 billion in pay and benefits from an already strained federal workforce is simply unjust. These hard working civil servants have already lived through years of Congressionally-imposed wage stagnation, sequestration cuts, pay freezes, and an almost constant threat of government shutdown. We will not achieve a deficit free future by choosing tax cuts over jobs; it is simply unfair to balance the budget on the backs of federal employees.

    This week House Democrats introduced an alternative budget that strengthens our middle class families, improves our crumbling roads and bridges, and creates opportunities for success. I am proud to stand with my colleagues to support this budget that fairly compensates our federal workforce, invests in our infrastructure, and grows the middle class economy by helping Americans buy homes, send their kids to college, and retire with dignity.  

  • Seems strange to me that he wouldn’t have amended some stuff, possibly used his line-item veto. I mean, what’s the point of having those powers if you don’t use them, especially when this budget left MUCH to be desired?

    RICHMOND – Governor Terry McAuliffe released the following statement today after signing the Fiscal Year 2015-2016 Budget Bill as it passed the General Assembly, without adding any amendments or line-item vetoes:

    “Today I was proud to sign a budget bill that provides a strong foundation for our future — a foundation built on collaboration and a shared commitment to building a new Virginia economy.

    “This budget closes our revenue shortfall responsibly, avoids cuts to core programs like education, and invests in key priorities that are essential to economic growth. It also includes my top priorities of increasing funding for economic development; offering health care services to more Virginians who need them; giving Virginia state employees a much-needed raise; funding the First Lady’s school breakfast initiative; and supporting efforts to end homelessness across the Commonwealth.

    “This final budget is a product of genuine bipartisan compromise. I want to thank Chairmen Walter Stosch, Chuck Colgan and Chris Jones for working with my team and me to pass this bill.

    “Our constituents expect us to demonstrate the fiscal discipline necessary to balance our budget and manage state services in the most cost-efficient manner possible.

    “And they expect us to reach across the aisle and work together to reach that goal.

    “We have done that this year, and I was proud to join my partners in that effort today as I signed this budget bill.”

  • Arlington County Democratic Committee Announces

    Confirmed Candidates for November 2015 Election;

    Three Nominees to be Determined on June 9 Primary

    ACDC Also Announces Third School Board Debate

    Arlington, VA – The Arlington County Democratic Committee (ACDC) has confirmed the following nominees for the Tuesday November 3, 2015 election:

    •    Clerk of the Circuit Court:  Paul Ferguson

    •    Commonwealth’s Attorney:  Theo Stamos

    •    Commissioner of Revenue:  Ingrid Morroy

    •    Sheriff:  Beth Arthur

    •    Treasurer:  Carla de la Pava

    •    VA Senate, District 30:  Adam Ebbin

    •    VA Senate, District 31:  Barbara Favola

    •    VA Senate, District 32:  Janet Howell

    •    VA House of Delegates, 47th District:  Patrick Hope

    •    VA House of Delegates, 48th District:  Rip Sullivan

    •    VA House of Delegates, 49th District:  Alfonso Lopez

    Nominees for two positions on the Arlington County Board and for VA House of Delegates, 45th District will be determined in a June 9 primary.  Candidates are:

    •    County Board (in alphabetical order):

    o    Katie Cristol

    o    Christian Dorsey

    o    Peter Fallon

    o    James Lander

    o    Andrew Schneider

    o    Bruce Wiljanen

    VA House of Delegates, 45th District (in alphabetical order):

    o    Larry Altenburg

    o    Craig Fifer

    o    Julie Jakopic

    o    Mark Levine

    o    Clarence Tong

    Kip Malinosky submitted verification of the nominees for Arlington County Board to the Virginia Department of Elections at 5:01pm EDT today.

    The Democratic primary election for County Board will be held Tuesday June 9; voters cast ballots at their regular polling locations between 6am-7pm.

    ACDC also added a third school board debate to the roster; it will take place Friday, April 24th, 7pm-9pm at NRECA, 4301 Wilson Blvd.

  • PRINCE WILLIAM- Donald B. “Don” Shaw, II is the only candidate for Delegate in Virginia’s 13th House District to qualify for the Democratic primary before today’s 5pm deadline. As a result, the nominating contest has been canceled, and Don Shaw is now the official Democratic nominee for Delegate. Shaw will face off against Delegate Robert G. Marshall (R-13) in the November 3rd general election.

    “This nomination puts us one step closer to finally retiring Bob Marshall,” said Shaw. “Prince William County and Manassas Park City residents deserve a Delegate focused on bringing jobs to our region and finding solutions to our transportation problems. Voters in the western part of the district also want a Delegate who will fight for their rights as property owners and oppose efforts to run power lines through their backyards. How can we trust Bob Marshall to work on our behalf when he has taken nearly $10,000 in contributions from Dominion Power?”

    Shaw continued, “for far too long we have been subject to Bob Marshall’s tirades against women, members of the LGBT community, and special needs children. It’s time to retire Virginia’s Chief Social Warrior.”

    The next financial reporting period ends on March 31st. In the last last period, stretching from 7/1/14 to 12/31/14, Shaw out-raised Marshall by over $10,000. In 2013, this race was decided by less than 500 votes.

  • Amazed that for first time in 30 yrs or more only one person ran for an open seat for Dem nomination for city council which means there will be no primary this year because six people filed for six seats today. Lowest local gov pay in region, limited staff help (one part time aide vs. full time aide for delegate) plus terrible hours, hard work/life balance, hard lot of governing in a slow economy and time from family is making public office very unappealing. I wish all the candidates well but this is a sad statement about Alexandria’s democracy.

  • Senator JENNIFER WEXTON – 33rd District

    Senator BARBARA FAVOLA – 31st District

    Dr. JILL MCCABE – 13th District

    House of Delegates:

    Delegate KATHLEEN MURPHY- 34th District

    LIZ MILLER – 32nd District

    CHUCK HEDGES – 33rd District

    JENNIFER BOYSKO – 86th District

    JEWAN “JACK” TIWARI – 87th District

    Board of Supervisors:


    Algonkian: ANDREW RESNICK

    Ashburn: MIKE TURNER

    Broad Run: AL NEVAREZ

    Catoctin: Hamilton Town Councilman CRAIG GREEN

    Leesburg: Leesburg Mayor KRISTEN UMSTATTD

    Constitutional Offices:

    Commonwealth Attorney: BOB OHNEISER

    Treasurer: EVAN MACBETH

    Sheriff: BRIAN ALLMAN

    Clerk of Court: EILEEN TAGG-MURDOCK