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Virginia News Headlines: Wednesday Morning


Here are a few Virginia and national news headlines, political and otherwise, for Wednesday, March 25.

*How American journalists deal with climate deniers (“The basic mental model that has governed U.S. journalism for decades – two mirror-image sides, each with their moderates and extremists, engaging in normal politics – is crumbling and it’s not clear what journalism will look like when the dust clears.”)

*Oil And Gas Giant BP Cuts Ties With Conservative Group ALEC

*Obama: Remarks dim prospects for Palestinian state (Thanks in large part to the right wing, both in Israel and their misguided supporters here.)

*Black box damaged in German jetliner crash

*Satellite scientist cited by Ted Cruz disagrees with him on climate change (Cruz just lies and lies and lies and lies and…)

*Ted Cruz going on Obamacare (Almost seems like an “Onion” headline for this lying hypocrite and Joe McCarthy-style demagogue.)

*Liberals, Conservatives, and Jobs (“Republicans…are desperately trying to claim that the economic recovery now underway is an illusion. They can’t handle the truth.”)

*Editorial: Gov. McAuliffe should impose a moratorium on the death penalty

*Ruling could mean delays for Atlantic Coast Pipeline (How about delaying it forever? Stupid idea by a bunch of greedy people.)

*Vetos likely for bills on home-schooled athletes, absentee ballots (Good on both!)

*Navy response to Islamic State “hit list” frustrates families

*U-Va. board approves 11% increase in tuition, fees for in-state freshmen (“The plan will also lower borrowing caps for those in need by $10,000.”)

*Jeb Bush donates $10,000 to state GOP (Guess who wants to win the Virginia Republicans primary? LOL)

*Report: Va. governor received special treatment from Homeland Security (“DHS’s now-No. 2 official intervened for Terry McAuliffe, who sought visas for investors in his company.”)

*Our view: What police didn’t say in the UVa rape report

*A better way to pick judges in Virginia (“Judgeships shouldn’t be patronage positions, yet that’s what they’ve routinely become; after leaving elected office, state lawmakers themselves frequently end up years – or, in some cases, months – later working full time in the judiciary.”)

*Martese Johnson’s education happened on that sidewalk (“He asked ‘How could this happen?’ as he was violently arrested. But he needed to have known before then.”)

*Fairfax county attorney lays out plans for change after Geer controversy

*Schapiro: ABC bust of Martese Johnson spotlights alphabet soup of cop shops

*U-Va. sought inquiry into gang-rape claim 6 months before magazine story

*Editorial Charlottesville police, justice department reports are cautionary tales

*Morrissey claims unfair treatment as he bids for Senate seat

*Virginia Beach’s arena development is moving at a slow crawl

*David Lambert announces run for Morrissey’s seat

*A chance of passing showers today ahead of Thursday’s burst of spring

  • Statement of House Speaker William J. Howell

    RICHMOND, VA — Virginia House of Delegates Speaker William J. Howell (R-Stafford) issued the following statement.

    “Article IV, Section 4 of the Virginia Constitution states: ‘A senator or delegate who moves his residence from the district for which he is elected shall thereby vacate his office.’

    “Today, Joe Morrissey filed paperwork with the Department of Elections to run for the Senate of Virginia in the 16th District, declaring a residence outside the 74th House District. By taking this action, Mr. Morrissey has officially vacated his seat in the Virginia House of Delegates.

    “As Speaker of the House of Delegates, I pledged to support the Constitution of the Commonwealth and to faithfully and impartially discharge the duties incumbent upon me. In this instance, the Constitution is unambiguous and self-executing. Therefore, at my direction, the Clerk of the House of Delegates is making the appropriate arrangements with Mr. Morrissey to close his office. These actions are procedural and routine for members whose service is concluding.

    “I am notifying the Governor that a vacancy has occurred in the House of Delegates so he may act as he sees fit regarding a special election.”

  • Yes, I know Robertson’s a senile old loony-tune, but the fact that not a single prominent Virginia Republican has ever condemned him (to my knowledge) really says something about them…none of it good.

  • From Gov. McAuliffe’s office:

    RICHMOND – Today Governor McAuliffe signed Executive Order 40, which takes four preliminary steps toward improving law enforcement in the Virginia Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control (ABC).

    Last week Governor McAuliffe called for an independent state police investigation into an ABC arrest in Charlottesville in which a student was injured. As the comprehensive investigation moves forward, the Governor’s Executive Order takes steps to address broader concerns about ABC law enforcement by:

    Requiring more training for all ABC special agents in the areas of; use of force, cultural diversity, effective interaction with youth and young adults, and community policing.

    Improving accountability and oversight by requiring that the ABC Bureau of Law Enforcement will now report to the Chief Operating Officer of the ABC, who is responsible for the day-to-day management of all agency functions.

    Examining the need for additional steps by directing the Secretary of Public Safety and Homeland Security to convene an expert review panel to report to the Governor on the agency’s mission, structure, policies and training and make recommendations regarding any identified changes needed.

    Improving cooperation and communication with local communities and Virginia colleges and universities by directing the ABC to engage with communities that are home to state institutions of higher education about its enforcement role in each locality. The ABC will update or enter into agreements that delineate an agreed-upon enforcement role for the ABC that is in cooperation with each community’s law enforcement approach.

    Below is the full text of Governor McAuliffe’s Executive Order 40:



    Importance of the Initiative

    Keeping Virginia families and communities safe is the highest responsibility of the Governor and state government. In performing that duty, we also have a responsibility to ensure that agencies charged with public safety have the training, resources and oversight they need to do their jobs professionally and in a way that promotes and protects the public trust.

    Recent events involving special agents of the Virginia Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control (ABC) in Charlottesville have underscored longstanding concerns about the agency’s Bureau of Law Enforcement and exposed the need for more extensive training and oversight. While we must await results from the investigations by Virginia State Police and the Office of the Commonwealth’s Attorney in Charlottesville before drawing conclusions about that particular incident, it is not too soon to take proactive steps to improve ABC’s Bureau of Law Enforcement.

    Accordingly,  by virtue of the authority vested in me as Governor under Article V of the Constitution of Virginia and under the laws of the Commonwealth, I hereby direct the Secretary of Public Safety and Homeland Security, the Chief Operating Officer and the Commissioners of the Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control Board, in conjunction with the Department of Criminal Justice Services, to take the following immediate actions:

    The ABC Board shall require the immediate retraining of all ABC special agents in the areas of use of force, cultural diversity, effective interaction with youth, and community policing, to be completed no later than September 1, 2015.  This training shall be implemented and certified by the Department of Criminal Justice Services utilizing evidence-based training curricula and education practices that meet nationally-accepted standards.

    Effective immediately, the ABC Bureau of Law Enforcement shall report directly to the Chief Operating Officer of the ABC, who is responsible for the day-to-day management of all ABC functions.

    The Secretary of Public Safety and Homeland Security shall convene an expert review panel of representatives of local and campus law enforcement agencies and sheriff’s offices,  Commonwealth’s Attorneys, the Governor’s Policy Advisor on Law Enforcement for ABC, the Chief Operating Office of the ABC, the Director of the Department of Criminal Justice Services and such other individuals representing relevant stakeholder groups, as he may deem appropriate in order to review the agency’s mission, structure, policies and training and make recommendations regarding any identified changes needed.  A report of the review panel shall be completed and presented to me no later than November 1, 2015.

    The ABC Bureau of Law Enforcement shall immediately review, update or enter into appropriate Mutual Aid Agreements, or other Memoranda of Understanding, with local law enforcement agencies serving communities with state institutions of higher education, with the goal of improving collaboration, communication and delineation of expectations regarding enforcement activities performed by ABC special agents in these communities.

    Effective Date of the Executive  Order

    This Executive Order shall be effective upon its signing and shall remain in full force and effect until amended or rescinded by further executive order.

    Given under my hand and under the Seal of the Commonwealth of Virginia this 25th Day of March, 2015.

  • I wish Don Beyer the best of luck in his new position, as it is urgent that Democrats take back the House of Representatives from the Tea Partiers as soon as possible.

    Dear Friend,

    I am writing today to share some good news.

    When you elected me last November, I hoped soon to be part of the leadership to rebuild the Democratic Party, and to work toward our collective goals. More quickly than I expected:  the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee has appointed me the new National Finance Chairman.

    As we build for the 2016 elections, I will be recruiting and guiding new Democratic candidates who will help us restore middle class economics — economics that help students, workers, small businesses, families, and communities. We will build a Party ready to meet the challenges of our changing world.

    The restored Democratic Party will bring job growth, initiatives to end wage stagnation, women’s economic empowerment, income equality, a renewed American infrastructure, climate change solutions, and immigration reform.  

    Today I am one of 188 Democrats in the House of Representatives.  This is the fewest since 1949.  We have our work cut out for us, but there is great hope and energy. I am eager to get started, and look forward to being a part of the leadership over the next 20 months that helps achieve our goals.

    You will be hearing more in the weeks and months ahead about my own push toward reelection next year, but also about our broader goals as a Party. I am eager to hear your ideas as I take on this challenge.  So much depends on our success.

    Thanks for all you have done to allow me to be a part of the challenges of our Time.

    Best wishes,


  • Statement of Sue Langley, Chair, Fairfax County Democratic Committee

    On Sunday, March 22, Janet Oleszek kicked off her campaign to defeat John Cook for the Braddock District Supervisor seat. Before the day was over, John Cook launched a string of personal attacks against Mrs. Oleszek on Twitter, Facebook, and other social media outlets. The next day, Monday, the Fairfax County Republican Party launched its own Twitter attack, calling Mrs. Oleszek a “troll” before taking down its posting to Twitter.

    Sue Langley, Chair of the Fairfax County Democratic Committee, commented that personal attacks are “unwarranted, unprofessional and profoundly disappointing.”  She further stated, “A campaign for public office need not be conducted in the gutter. Our Democratic candidates will conduct themselves on a higher level than this and still deliver our message, without any need for name calling and personal attacks. John Cook is no example of a public official when he resorts to such undignified behavior.”