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1Q 2015 Virginia Campaign Money Numbers Are Now Available


Virginia candidates’ fundraising numbers for the first quarter of 2015 are due today, and they’re starting to trickle in. According to VPAP: “By 6 p.m. this evening, VPAP will post reports from General Assembly candidates and major state party/caucus committees that were received by COB at the State Department of Elections.  Candidates and PACs have until midnight to file their reports. VPAP will update its listing early Thursday morning.” Should be interesting. Anyway, here’s what I’ve heard so far.

Gov. McAuliffe: His “Common Good VA” PAC raised $758,452, ending with $334,091 cash on hand.

LG Ralph Northam: His “Stronger Together” PAC raised $44k and ended with $83,223 cash on hand.

AG Mark Herring: His “One Commonwealth” PAC raised $72k and ended with $41k cash on hand.

DPVA: Raised $693,555, ended with $15,537 cash on hand.

RPV: Raised $95,554, ended with $9,705 cash on hand.

State Senate

Virginia Senate Republican Caucus: Raised $230,247 and ended with $761,701 cash on hand.

(lots more on the “flip”)

District 6: Senator Lynwood Lewis (D) raised $95k and had $119k cash on hand. Lewis’ Republican oppponent, Richard Ottinger, raised $84k and had $68k cash on hand.

District 7: Democrat Gary McCollum tweeted, “We raised over a quarter-million in our first fundraising quarter in the race!” The exact numbers: $250,815 raised, $209,975 cash on hand. Sen. Frank Wagner (R) raised $89,495, ended with $292,135 cash on hand. This should be a great race!

District 10: I hear that Democratic candidate Dan Gecker raised around $240,000. UPDATE: According to VPAP, Gecker raised over $230k, very close to what I’d been hearing. Democrat Alex McMurtrie raised $50,000 (100% from himself), ending with $17,942  cash on hand. Democrat Emily Francis raised $61,811 and ended with $43,211 on hand. Republican Glen Sturtevant, who is unopposed for the nomination, raised $102,865 and had $81,698 on hand.

District 13: Democrat Jill McCabe raised $65k, Republican Sen. Dick Black raised $35k, but had significantly more cash on hand than McCabe ($217k vs. $65k).

District 21: Republican Nancy Dye raised $63k and had $85k cash on hand, while State Senator John Edwards (D) raised just $5k and had only $32k cash on hand. Hmmm.

District 29: Republican Hal Parrish reported that he raised $330,000. Democrats Atif Qarni raised $35,744, had $48,436 cash on hand; Jeremy McPike raised $50,221, had $52,243 on hand; Michael Futrell raised $31,717, had $359 on hand.

District 35: Senate Minority Leader Dick Saslaw raised $137,470 and ended with $238,243 on hand.

District 36: Democrat Scott Surovell raised $94,742, had $77,562 on hand.

House of Delegates

House Minority Leader David Toscano raised $32k and ended with $252,720 cash on hand.

House Speaker Bill Howell: His “Dominion Leadership Trust” raised $421,250 and had $895,957 on hand.

House Democratic Caucus: Raised $225,583 and ended with $119,316 cash on hand.

House Republican Caucus: Raised $43k and ended with $299k cash on hand.

13th District: Democrat Don Shaw raised $19k, had $41k on hand. Del. “Sideshow Bob” Marshall (R) raised under $9k, had $45k on hand.

28th District: Republican Susan Stimpson raised $46,135 and had $38,172 on hand in her race to unseat House Speaker Bill Howell (R), who raised $165,738 and had $179,642 on hand.

32nd District: Democrat Elizabeth Miller raised $25k and had $49k on hand. Del. Tag Greason (R) raised under $10k, but still has a CoH advantage with $64,749.

34th District: Republican Craig Parisot raised $108,789 with $77,121 on hand; Del. Kathleen Murphy (D) raised $73,769 with $135,643 on hand.

42nd District: Democrat Joana Garcia raised $4,745, with $3,572 on hand. Incumbent Del. Dave Albo (R) raised $6,106 and had $42,461 on hand.

44th District: Democrat Paul Krizek raised $46k, had $22k cash on hand. The other Democrat in this race, Justin Brown, raised $16k, had $14k on hand.

45th District: Democrats Mark Levine raised $70k (almost all a loan from himself) and had $70k on hand; Clarence Tong raised $39k; Craig Fifer raised $24k; Julie Jakopic raised $8k (of which nearly $3k came from Rob Krupicka); Larry Altenburg raised just under $2k.

86th District: Democrat Jennifer Boysko raised $70,340, had $128,559 on hand. Nice job!

87th District: With Del. David Ramadan (R) dropping out, this should open up a chance for Democrat Jack Tiwari, but he only raised $1,845, with just $1,377 on hand. Gotta crank that up big time, and fast!

93rd District: Del. Monty Mason (D) raised $27k, had $45k on hand. Republican Lara Overy raised $51k, had $35k on hand.

Local Races

Mt. Vernon District Supervisor: Democrats Jack Dobbyn raised $17k, had $3.7k cash on hand; Tim Sargeant raised $22k, had $14k on hand; Dan Storck raised $13.8k, had $7k CoH; Candice Bennett raised just under $5k, had $500 CoH.

Arlington County Board: Democrats Peter Fallon raised $23,388, had $14.8k CoH; Andrew Schneider raised $32,096, had $28k CoH; Katie Cristol raised $26k, had $13k CoH; Christian Dorsey raised $13,880, had $8,373 CoH; Bruce Wiljanen raised $1,400, had $124 on hand; James Lander raised $8,320, had $3,279 CoH.

Loudoun County: For Board Chair, Democrat Phyllis Randall raised $19k, had $14k on hand; Republican Charlie King raised $14k, had $4k on hand. For Algonkian District, Democrat Andrew Resnick raised $17k, had $23k on hand, while incumbent Republican Supervisor Suzanne Volpe reportedly raised $28,575. For Sterling District, Democrat Tony Barney raised $5,148, had $9,550 on hand, while Democrat Koran Saines raised $12,873 and had $6,632 on hand.

Fairfax County: For Sully District, Republican Brian Schoeneman raised $27k and had nearly $13k on hand; Republican John Guevara raised $17k and had $3.5k on hand; Republican John Litzenberger raised $12k and had $6k on hand; Democrat Kathy Smith raised $29k and had $21k on hand. In Braddock district, Democrat Janet Oleszek raised $11k and had $7k on hand; Republican incumbent John Cook raised $37k, had $72k on hand. In Dranesville district, Republican challenger Jennifer Chronis raised $59k and had $52k on hand; Democratic incumbent John Foust raised $30k, had $43k on hand.

Prince William County: For Board Chair, Republican Christopher Crawford raised $11k and has $1.7k on hand; Chair Corey Stewart (R) raised $13k and has $192k on hand; Democrat Rick Smith raised $56k and has $53k on hand. Nice job by Rick Smith!


    Qarni Campaign Builds Massive Coalition, Knocks Over 5,900 Doors, Has Raised $90,426 To Date

    MANASSAS, VA – 29th District State Senate candidate Atif Qarni raised $35,743 this quarter, bringing his campaign’s raised-to-date total to $90,426. The Qarni campaign has $48,435 on hand. In addition, Qarni’s volunteer coalition has knocked over 5,900 doors and continues to make massive strides in voter outreach efforts.

    “I am so grateful for the outpouring of support throughout the last quarter. We have continued to perform well and gain support. That is something I am very proud of,” Qarni said. “We have put in a lot of work, and our team is excited for the final stretch. We will be formidable and we will put the best campaign operation on the ground thanks to our amazing grassroots volunteers.”

    “We are very proud of the support Atif has earned from people across the district and across the Commonwealth in terms of our fundraising,” said campaign manager Jeff Allen. “But beyond the phenomenal fundraising numbers, we are very proud of the support Atif has gained from grassroots activists who are working hard to spread his message. That speaks to how his ideas for stronger public education, better infrastructure, and better jobs for Manassas and Prince William County is resonating with voters. They know Atif, and they love his policy stances and his resume. Being a teacher and US Marine Corps veteran who lives and works in the district and is standing up for them is something people are very interested in. The citizens of the 29th District know that Atif has their best interests at heart and that he’ll fight to get them the fair opportunities they deserve.”

    Atif Qarni was a Marine for eight years, including a tour in Iraq in which he served in Operation Iraqi Freedom and was among the first American troops to enter Baghdad. He is currently an eighth grade math teacher at nearby Beville Middle School, as well as a member of Governor McAuliffe’s Small Business Commission. He lives in Manassas with his wife and two young sons.

  • Loudoun Pediatrician Dr. Jill McCabe Out-Raises Incumbent Dick Black by Nearly 2-1 in 13th District Senate Race

    ASHBURN, VA – After declaring her candidacy just two weeks prior to the first fundraising deadline of 2015, Loudoun pediatrician Dr. Jill McCabe announced today that she out-raised incumbent State Senator Dick Black by a nearly 2-1 margin.  

    In only 18 days, Dr. McCabe raised $65,371, compared to Senator Black’s $35,085 throughout the entire quarter.  An astonishing 73% of Dr. McCabe’s supporters were small-dollar contributors (giving less than $100 each). In contrast, not one single small-dollar donor gave to Senator Black’s campaign this quarter.

    “I’m incredibly grateful for the outpouring of support we’ve received in such a short amount of time,” said Dr. McCabe. “I got into this race because I care deeply about my community.  As an emergency room doctor who sees people on their worst day, it’s my job to make sure I am giving my patients the best possible care I can — and to make sure that I am always fighting for them. Whether it’s growing the economy or protecting funding for our schools, our district hasn’t had someone fighting for us in Richmond lately.  I want to change that, and I think these numbers are a reflection of strong support for our message.”

  • GAINESVILLE – Don Shaw, Democratic candidate for the 13th House of Delegates District outraised incumbent Bob Marshall by a margin of more than 2 to 1. For the reporting period from January 1 through March 31, 2015, Shaw raised $19,358. Marshall received less than half that amount during the period. During the month of March, the Shaw Campaign reported over $13,000, while the Marshall campaign reported less than $1,000 for the same period. This marks the second consecutive reporting period that the Shaw campaign has outraised the incumbent.

    “I’m incredibly proud to have so many supporters from all around the Commonwealth,” said Shaw. “To have received contributions from such a broad range of sectors and people is humbling and shows that this campaign is gaining real momentum.” Shaw continued, “This shows folks are really responding to our vision for Virginia that focuses on strong public schools, smart economic development, and real transportation solutions.”

    The 13th district has been a top-targeted seat over the past half decade as Gov. McAuliffe, LG Northam and AG Herring swept the district in 2013. The district also went for President Obama and Sen. Kaine in 2012.


    Don Shaw is a 20-year veteran of the Army and Air Force, a former Department of Defense employee, and now works for a veteran-owned small business. Don first moved to Prince William in 1997. Don and his wife, Joyce, live in Gainesville with their three children, all of whom have either graduated from or attend Prince William County Public Schools.

  • TarkyFensington

    Futrell raised $31,717, but that includes a $24,395 in-kind for website development.  Only $6,240 of his total was cash.  This is similar to how things went for his ’14 year-end report- then he raised a total of $26,163, but $24,395 of that was an in-kind for website development.  

    Futrell has raised less total cash in his Delegate and Senate accounts for all 2014 + Q1 2015 combined than Parrish, McPike, Qarni, Rod Hall, or Mark Dudenhefer did in just Q1 2015.


    Mt. Vernon, VA, April 16, 2015-Paul Krizek, Democratic Candidate for the 44th District State Delegate, announced today that he raised $46,420 from 154 individual contributors in the first quarter; almost all live in the 44th district. Krizek raised more then any other first time Democratic candidate for Delegate in the state this quarter. He is running to succeed Delegate Scott Surovell (D-Mt. Vernon) who has endorsed the Krizek campaign as well.

    “I’m thrilled with the outpouring support I’ve received from the community,” said Krizek.  “This campaign will determine who will be Mount Vernon’s voice for years to come and it is important that we have someone who knows this district and is an engaged and active member of the community.”

    The Krizek campaign has been endorsed by (full list on website) Delegates Scott Surovell, Mark Sickles, Alfonso Lopez and Patrick Hope; Senators Toddy Puller and Adam Ebbin; Mt. Vernon Supervisor Gerry Hyland, Lee District Supervisor Jeff McKay; and Congressman Jim Moran.  The Krizek camp will be announcing more endorsements from individuals and organizations over the next few weeks.

    Paul Krizek is a proud native of Mount Vernon, where he’s lived for over 40 years. Paul served as Congressman Jim Moran’s legislative aide for eight years, and for the past sixteen years, he has served as General Counsel for an international non-profit.  He served for more than a decade on the State Central Committee of the Democratic Party of Virginia and on the 8th Congressional District Democratic Committee. Paul Chaired the Mount Vernon Democratic Committee and the Fairfax County Democratic Committee. He has been an active volunteer on countless Democratic campaigns since 1988.  Paul, his wife, Tracey and their daughter Khloe, reside in the Hollin Hills Neighborhood in Mt. Vernon.

  • TarkyFensington

    SD-08: Republican Bill DeSteph raised $103,450 (actually $73,450 + $30,000 transferred from his delegate account) and has $95,454 COH.  Democrat Dave Belote raised $66,285 and has $62,170 COH.  This will be a tough race, but it would be awesome to see a strong advocate for clean energy and climate security like Dave Belote in the Senate.

    SD-17: Bryce Reeves raised $179,266 and has $463,177 COH; Democrat Traci Dippert raised $50,560 and has $46,352 COH.

    HD-02: Democrat Rod Hall raised $30,099 and has $27,808 COH; Republican Mark Dudenhefer raised $25,910 and has $39,474 COH; and Republican Tim Ciampaglio raised $6,625 and has $6,197 COH.

    HD-12: Republican Joseph Yost raised $3,900 and has $29,549 COH; Democrat Laurie Buchwald raised $18,149 and has $17,697 COH.

    HD-94: Republican David Yancey raised $58,803 and has $136,201 COH; Democrat Shelly Simonds raised $22,875 and has $34,351 COH.

  • ValerieInRke

    Hamlar running against Ralph Smith’s handpicked successor raised $28,871 with COH $32,003.

    His Republican opponent Dave Suetterlein raised $21,238 COH $19,937.