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Virginia News Headlines: Saturday Morning


Here are a few national and Virginia news headlines, political and otherwise, for Saturday, April 18. Also check out President Obama’s weekly address, in which he “spoke about his commitment to combatting the threat of climate change and to keeping ourselves and future generations safe.”

*Solar power will soon be as cheap as coa (“Ten years from now we could easily see the cost of solar modules dropping to 25 cents per watt, or roughly half their current cost…While solar power is just starting to reach grid parity, wind energy is already there.”)

*Race creeps into debate over stalled nomination for attorney general

*U.S. Republican Huckabee to announce 2016 presidential decision May 5 (Total nutjob.)

*Obama calls Senate inaction on attorney general ’embarrassing’ (Yep.)

*Republicans in Quandary Over Vote on Loretta Lynch

*So how do you fix a problem like Dulles?

*Virginia State Bar Israel trip cancellation FOIA news

*Energy commission schedules scoping meetings for Mountain Valley Pipeline

*Dominion to close coal ash ponds in Virginia

*Va. legislature agrees to gift limit, rejects other changes to ethics bill (Still incredibly weak, almost a total #FAIL on this one.)

*Democrats lose challenger in state Senate race (“Traci Dippert has dropped out of the race against Republican state Sen. Bryce Reeves.”)

*Fight brewing over proposal to add rush-hour tolls on I-66 inside Beltway

*Fairfax budget would leave schools, county workers a little short

*Following two firings, two more top Portsmouth officials to depart

*Housemate charged with first-degree murder in killing of UMW student (“Mann is the daughter of Thomas Mann, a juvenile and domestic relations court judge in Fairfax County, and Melissa Mann. She was active on campus – UMW President Rick Hurley recently appointed her to a sexual assault task force.”

*Norfolk councilman Riddick threatens heckler

*Capitals rally to beat Islanders, tie playoff series at 1 game each

*Sunny skies, low humidity and temperatures in the 80s today

  • Shields: Trade deals have been a “total disaster” for American workers, putting “all the power in the hands of the employer…if you don’t surrender your health and pension benefits…we’ll move your job overseas.” “5 million fewer American manufacturing jobs than there were.” “The investor class – capital – is protected…and they just pay lip service to workers’ rights.”  “If you want to see the dominance of capital that these trade agreements exemplify and embody, all you have to see is the 2008 economic crisis in this country…millions of ordinary Americans saw their futures, their savings, their homes wiped out” while the big banks and “investment houses of Wall Street” were “bailed out.” Trade agreements exemplify this.

    Brooks: Trade has reduced human poverty around the world. As for the impacts on American workers, “it’s complicated…it has hurt some people in some of the unions…people with fungible skills…on the other hand, it’s created many new jobs…majority [of economists]…think that net/net we’ve had a growth in jobs…Finally, costs: all of us rely on goods…that are much much cheaper, and our standard of living is much much better…” There are losers, but also a “ton of winners.” “The 2008 crash was not a matter of trade…Why wages have been flat has not to do with trade, it has to do with technology…” “If we don’t have trade…a certain level of growth, then the whole political economy begins to suffer…the political discussion begins to grow embittered.”

  • scott_r

    So, when I’ve seen her speak – in January and last month – she seemed energetic and on a roll…and doing pretty decently with fundraising.  What’s the deal?  

  • What a freak.

    Brat said that Obamacare, which Larson inaccurately referred to as “a health care system run by government,” will move America away from a free market system. He pointed to the two Koreas as an example of the dangers of such policies: “Look at every country in the world. Look at North Korea and South Korea. It’s the same culture, it’s the same people, look at a map at night, one of the countries is not lit, there’s no lights, and the bottom free-market country, all Koreans, is lit up. So you make your bet on which country you want to be, you want to go free market.”

    “We have poverty on the rise because we’re moving away from free markets,” he said.

    He added that in high schools he visits most graduating seniors “can’t tell you what a business is” because the schools “are not teaching people that business is a good thing.”

  • Nailed it.

    “(L)et’s say that it’s a nuclear winter, and I have been wandering, and there appears to be a flickering light through what appears to be a radioactive cloud and I think that light might be a food source that could help my family. I might glance at it for a moment until I realize, that’s Fox News, and then I shut it off. That’s the circumstance.”