My Pick in the 10th State Senate District: Emily Francis


    This one’s an easy choice: if you’re a Democrat living in the 10th State Senate district (Chesterfield, Richmond, Powhatan), you should most definitely vote for Emily Francis in Tuesday’s Democratic primary. First, on the issues, Emily Francis by FAR the strongest progressive and environmentalist in the field; it’s not even remotely a close call. Second, on electability, I’ve argued many times that the key to Democrats doing well in this year’s low-low-turnout, off/odd-year Virginia elections for General Assembly is turning out the Democratic “base.” That means nominating candidates who can appeal to said base, which Emily Francis clearly can do. In stark contrast, Dan Gecker played a key role in trying to impeach President Bill Clinton, has stated that his political hero is arch-Republican Ronald Reagan, identified himself for years as an “independent” not a Democrat, and even mused that he might vote Republican for President in 2012 rather than voting to reelect President Obama! Other than Democrats pouring huge sums of money into the district, which presumably they’ll do regardless of who wins the nomination on June 9, why on earth would the Democratic “base” get excited about someone like that? Got me. Fortunately, there’s a much better choice: vote Emily Francis in the June 9 Democratic primary!

    • mrg.uva

      It was interesting to see Roy Hogaland, former VP and Virginia Executive Director at The Chesapeake Bay Foundation and Emily Francis’ former boss, endorse Gecker today in the Richmond Times-Dispatch.

      And I will say, having spoken with Dan a few times, I think you’ll be surprised at how truly thoughtful, honest, knowledgeable and progressive Dan really is. I’ve never heard another candidate speak the way he does about tackling income and opportunity inequality. He’s got fresh ideas on how to address incredibly complex issues and I can’t wait to see what he does if given the opportunity. That’s why it’s been hard to witness the river of filth that’s been thrown at him and why I’m voting Gecker next Tuesday.