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National and Virginia News Headlines: Monday Morning


Here are a few national and Virginia news headlines, political and otherwise, for Monday, June 29. Also check out the classic, spot-on quote from Stephen Colbert: “History moves fast; it’s hard to believe that gay Americans achieved full, Constitutional personhood just five years after corporations did.” LOL, exactly!

*Krugman: Greece Over the Brink (“Greece should vote ‘no,’ and the Greek government should be ready, if necessary, to leave the euro.”)

*Greece will close banks for 6 days, impose limits on withdrawals

*Jeb Bush dogged by questions on business deals

*Why Does Jeb Bush Have a Mysterious Shell Company? (“An entity called BHAG is trying to trademark the candidate’s logo for use on ‘key chains of precious metal’ and other campaign merchandise.”)

*Man On His Third Wife Has No Good Defense For His Support Of ‘Traditional’ Marriage

*After Charleston, Black Churches Targeted By Arsonists Across The South (Nope, no racism there…uh huh.)

*After gay marriage ruling, state law requires update

*House of Delegates members paying while climbing the legislative ladder? (“As members of the House of Delegates climb the ladder of power, they often pause to send a few thousand dollars to Speaker Bill Howell’s political action committee shortly before ascending to the next rung.”)

*Jim Webb emerges as conservative summit’s favorite Democratic candidate (Wonnnnnderful.)

*Murder, custody and justice: The making of a political candidate (“How the murder of Mark Levine’s sister shaped him and how it might affect his performance as a delegate.”)

*With McAuliffe in office, old friends find new opportunities (To the victor goes the spoils…)

*Our view: Herring, reconsidered (“So while Sweet Briar supporters may wish Herring had been there with them on Day One, he was there on the last day when it really mattered. So they should still saddle up a white horse and shower him with roses. Or, better yet, invite him to speak on campus this fall.”)

*Waiting for the sheriff to act (“It’s been nearly five months since the death of Natasha McKenna, the mentally ill woman who was shot four times with a Taser by a guard at the Fairfax County jail; she was removed from life support several days later. Incredibly, the investigation into her death drags on, ostensibly while the police await data to be extracted from the Taser, a process that would seem more likely to take minutes than months.”)

*Nats split doubleheader in Philadelphia

*D.C. area forecast: A beautiful Monday, then a slightly sticky and stormy pattern

  • Gee, I wonder who does those two things: a) justifies the wicked

    b) condemns the just? Hmmm…let me think really hard…did he run for Lt. Governor of Virginia in 2013 perhaps? Oh yeah, I got it! LOL

  • The United States Supreme Court ruled today in favor of an Arizona statute that delegates authority for drawing political district boundaries to an in impartial commission. ProgressVA Executive Director Anna Scholl released the following statement praising the decision and calling on the Virginia General Assembly to take action to remove partisan political considerations from the redistricting process.

    “We all believe our elections should be free, fair and accessible. Today’s decision is a victory for voters. Politicians should never manipulate voting maps to rig an election before a single vote is cast. Unfortunately, this is the case in much of Virginia. The burden is on the Virginia General Assembly to remove political considerations from the districting process and adhere to a transparent, fair, and impartial process to ensure every Virginian has an equal say at the ballot box.”

  • Following the Supreme Court’s ruling in  Arizona State Legislature v. Arizona Independent Redistricting Commission, Democratic Party of Virginia Chairwoman Susan Swecker issued the following statement:

    “Today’s ruling by the Supreme Court could not make any clearer the need for a fair districting process. The way forward is simple: Speaker Howell and Virginia Republicans must stop standing in the way of voting rights. Now.

    Virginia Democrats have consistently been out front on this issue, from fighting our gerrymandered Congressional districts to our historic lawsuit against prohibitive voter IDs. We applaud the Court’s ruling today and will not rest until the General Assembly creates fair, compact districts that truly give Virginia voters equal say in our democracy.”

  • I mostly agree with this…would be interested in hearing Webb’s thoughts on today’s two horrendously bad SCOTUS decisions – on pollution and execution drugs.

    The two recent Supreme Court decisions are healthy for the country and for the functioning of our political process.

    The finding regarding the Affordable Care Act has clarified the issue of statutory interpretation and should encourage the Congress to work in a positive manner to continue to refine and improve legislation itself.

    The finding on marriage equality is an historically significant historical application of the 14th Amendment, ensuring that our government no longer discriminates but also more clearly defining the separation of church and state. The decision provides religious groups “proper protection” under the First Amendment to “continue to advocate” their beliefs regarding traditional marriage.

    I am personally pleased with both opinions and looking toward a future where Americans can work more closely together in a governmental process that gets things done and in a social environment where each of us can respect the private lives and personal decisions of others.

    Toward that end, we can also hope that the justices might now review the harmful effects of the Citizens United ruling, which threatens to turn over our political system to the highest bidders.

  • Now let’s all hold our breath waiting for Barbara Comstock to disown/denounce Hannity. Waiting….