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National and Virginia News Headlines: Monday Morning


Here are a few national and Virginia news headlines, political and otherwise, for Monday, July 27. Also, as Hillary Clinton says: “Climate change is an urgent challenge that threatens all of us. The United States is already taking steps to invest in our clean energy future, but we need to do more. We need to take bold action to combat climate change, create jobs, protect the health of American families and communities, and make the United States the world’s clean energy superpower.”

*Pact would ramp up U.S.-led air war in Syria

*Senate Resurrection of Export-Import Bank Goes to Divided House

*Senate smackdown: Ted Cruz, Mike Lee efforts squelched by leaders (Good, Cruz and Lee are wild-eyed extremists who badly need to be smacked down by Republican leadership.)

*Hillary Clinton rolls out climate agenda (I may write more about this later, but basically there’s good stuff in there, combined with a bunch of vague language. It also could have been MUCH more ambitious, given the tremendous advances in clean energy technology and cost the past few years.)

*Obamacare repeal vote fails in Senate

*If You Can’t Beat Trump, Join Him: Huckabee Delivers Most Outrageous Line Of 2016 (Disgusting.)

*Donald Trump And The Extraordinary Vapidness Of Political Punditry

*NBC/Marist Polls Show Donald Trump Running Strong in Iowa, NH

*Ken Cuccinelli Says ‘Black Lives Matter’ Insults White People

*Richmond Times-Dispatch Editorial: GOP is becoming a know-nothing caucus

*A failing bay cleanup (“Leaders cannot afford to ignore the catastrophe in the Chesapeake. The EPA also should not let them.”)

*Town: Clean Power Plan: The right choice for Southwest Virginia

*Account in Post from Iraq War veteran prompts Fairfax police inquiry

*Fairfax grand jury investigating John Geer police shooting begins Monday

*Arlington’s high-rise downtown Rosslyn is about to rise higher

*Rise in Richmond property values prompts talk of lowering tax rate

*Ross and Taylor shine, but Pirates get best of Nats in series-deciding 3-1 win

*D.C. area forecast: A steamy week with a chance of storms to start

  • Full results.

    *”Virginia voters are divided 46-45 percent on whether the Confederate flag should be removed from state license plates”

    *Terry McAuliffe gets a 50%-31% approval rating, including 77%-11% approval from Democrats and 49%-31% approval from independent voters. Republicans disapprove of Gov. McAuliffe by a 46%-33% margin.

    Also: “Voters approve 59-26 percent of the job U.S. Sen. Mark Warner is doing and give firstterm U.S. Sen. Tim Kaine a 52-30 percent approval rating”

  • Hillary Clinton’s climate plan – or what we’ve seen of it so far – calls for the solar equivalent of 25 million homes. We ranked Sanders the no. 1 climate hawk Senator in the 113th Congress because he wrote a 10 Million Solar Rooftops bill, S. 2901, among others, so at first glance it appears that Clinton is trying to out-solar Sanders.

    At the same time Clinton’s climate plan is remarkable for what it does’t say, yet: no effort to keep fossil fuels in the ground, no price on carbon; no word on Keystone XL, Arctic oil, or other carbon bombs; no word on fracking; no call for adaptation.

    We’re very interested in side-by-side comparisons among climate plans by Clinton, Martin O’Malley, and Sanders. May the fiercest climate hawk win.

  • We need a lot more of this calling out from Democrats and sane Republicans…

  • What Huckabee has always been horrible and continues to be horrible. The guy is utterly unfit for any public office in America, yet of COURSE he has a sizeable following among Republican primary voters. What does that tell you about this crazy party?

  • See here for the statement by the ADL. I hope that every Jewish leader, and really every leader, in this country will condemn Mike Huckabee’s vile remarks.

    Whatever one’s views of the nuclear agreement with Iran – and we have been critical of it, noting that there are serious unanswered questions that need to be addressed – comments such as those by Mike Huckabee suggesting the president is leading Israel to another Holocaust are completely out of line and unacceptable.

    Israeli military and security officials have repeatedly said the Obama Administration has been as strong as any other American administration in keeping Israel secure. Just a year ago, during the war in Gaza, the president signed off on an additional $223 million for Iron Dome anti-missile weaponry to protect the lives of Israeli civilians.

    To hear Mr. Huckabee invoke the Holocaust when America is Israel’s greatest ally and when Israel is a strong nation capable of defending itself is disheartening. The great tragedy of the Holocaust saw the Jews of Europe without allies and without power at the worst possible moment.

    There is a serious debate taking place over the next five weeks within Congress over the Iran deal. We have called on all sides, regardless of whether one is liberal or conservative, to conduct that debate responsibly and civilly. That plea should apply to presidential candidates as well.

  • RICHMOND – Governor Terry McAuliffe today announced his selection to fill the upcoming vacancy on the Supreme Court of Virginia, Judge Jane Marum Roush.

    “As we began the search for the next Supreme Court Justice, my team and I were committed to identifying a candidate of the highest caliber, one who is highly respected within the judicial and legal communities as well as the legislature and across the Commonwealth,” said Governor McAuliffe. “No one embodies those important qualities better than Judge Jane Roush. Over 22 years on the bench Judge Roush has developed a statewide reputation for fairness, thoughtfulness and a proven ability to handle complex and high-profile cases.

    “The support she has earned from a bipartisan group of legislators, bar associations, public safety professionals, and many others is a clear sign that she is the right choice to carry on Justice Millette’s sterling legacy as the next Justice of the Supreme Court of Virginia.”

    Governor McAuliffe made today’s announcement at a press conference where he was joined by Judge Roush, Delegates Dave Albo, Ken Plum and Eileen Filler-Corn and Senator Donald McEachin, who attended to voice their support of her appointment.

    Judge Roush will fill the vacancy left by retiring Justice LeRoy F. Millette Jr. when he steps down on July 31st, 2015. The Supreme Court of Virginia empowers the Governor to fill vacancies on state courts when the General Assembly is not in session. The General Assembly will consider her appointment when they convene next.

    Judge Roush has served on the Circuit Court for the 19th Judicial District for Fairfax County and City since 1993.

    Judge Roush was chosen for her circuit court post through a bipartisan General Assembly judicial selection process, and she has been re-elected with enthusiasm through the same process. She will be the first Supreme Court Justice from Fairfax County since 2010 when Justice Barbara Keenan left to accept a federal court appointment.

    Previous to her service on the 19th District Court, Judge Roush served as an attorney in Fairfax County. She is a graduate of Wellesley College and the University of Virginia Law School.

  • From Mark “Criminalize Miscarriages” Obenshain’s Facebook page, his crusade against voting rights and mythical/nonexistent “voter fraud” continues. What a jerk.

    The recent efforts by the State Board of Elections in trying to simplify the voter registration form are gravely misguided and exceed the authority of the Board. These proposed changes, a summary of which can be viewed by clicking the link below, will increase voter confusion and the potential for both willful and negligent voter fraud.

    Even if a strong policy argument can be made for these changes, the only way to properly make them is through the legislative process. Given the significance of this issue, and in order to protect the integrity of our electoral process, I would urge the Board of Elections to reject the proposed changes and revise them to be consistent with Virginia Code.