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Petition: Change the Name of Jefferson Davis Highway in Arlington


Why on earth do we name anything – roads, schools, whatever – after traitors, racists, etc. in the year 2015 in this country? Crazy. So…how about we rename anything with “Lee” in it “Lincoln,” like Washington-LINCOLN High School instead of Washington-Lee, or LINCOLN Highway not Lee Highway? Or we could name these schools, roads, etc. after any number of great African Americans. But Jefferson Davis and other traitors?  No thanks. If you agree, please sign the petition (click below) by a friend of mine and fellow Arlingtonian.

  • The Richmonder
  • va_lady2008

    …as a constant, and horrible reminder of just what, exactly, “southern heritage” really means.

    Racism.  Terror.  Jim Crow.  Lynchings.  Denial of fundamental rights. White nationalism.  The Klan, hiding under their sheets.  Legalized murder.

    What it stands for today is a bunch of cowardly, terrified bullies, ill-educated losers, who have absolutely zero in terms of skills and abilities with which to compete in the 21st century market place, except the white color of their skin.

    Oh, and being male.

    Southerners now suddenly decry that their southern heritage includes none of these things.  They lie, perhaps because their ancestors were as big a bunch of suckers as they are today. Those soldiers stupidly died then in droves to protect an economic system based on free labor, and the buying and selling of other humans, a system from which most never benefited one bit.

    Their ancestors were stupidly conned by the 1 percenters of the day into fighting a war for them. Unwilling to admit it, they “fancy it up” with imaginary trappings of imaginary nobility.

    This goes beyond ignorance and Ill-education, and well into stupidity that transcends not just generations, but centuries.

    Southern heritage as is expressed in the popular press stands for exactly all these things.  Like the so-called battle flag, it has long ago been revived and hijacked and no longer means what they claim.  

    Words have meaning, but they must be read in the context of the 21st century.

    Jim Webb:  please copy.