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Key Virginia Fundraising Numbers 7 Weeks Out


Courtesy of the Virginia Public Access Project, here are some key fundraising numbers with seven weeks to go until Virginia votes for its entire General Assembly (yes, there’s something going on other than the 2016 Presidential race!).

Most Competitive State Senate Races

SD 6: Sen. Lynwood Lewis (D) vs. Richard Ottinger (R)

Lewis had $177,814 cash on hand as of 8/31 vs. only $33,909 for Ottinger. Lewis raised $65,786 in July-August vs. $28,821 for Ottinger. Lewis looking VERY good in terms of money.

SD 7: Gary McCollum (D) vs. Sen. Frank Wagner (R)

McCollum had $471,960 vs. as of 8/31, raised $156,617 in July-August. I’ll post Wagner’s numbers when I see them, but McCollum certainly has been an impressive fundraiser (the question is, what happens next after all the bad news yesterday?).

SD 10: Dan Gecker (D) vs. Glen Sturtevant (R)

Gecker had $151,907 cash on hand vs. $40,122 for Sturtevant as of 8/31. Gecker raised $178,782 in July-August vs. $118,824 for Sturtevant. This one looks like a barn burner, money edge to Gecker right now.

SD 13: Jill McCabe (D) vs. Sen. Dick Black (R)

McCabe had $273,836 on hand vs. $288,781 for Black as of 8/31. McCabe outraised Black $161,673-$130,107 in July-August. Impressive fundraising by McCabe, we’ll see if that can help overcome the district’s Republican lean (e.g., Gillespie beat Warner by 9 points in 2014; Cooch beat McAuliffe by 5 points in 2013).

SD 21: Sen. John Edwards (D) vs. Nancy Dye (R) and Don Caldwell (I)

Edwards had $168,655 as of 8/31 after raising $96,971 in July-August. Dye raised $82,621 and had $105,412 on hand. Caldwell raised $39,103 and had $36,673 on hand. Good to see Edwards with a cash advantage; feeling a bit better about this race from these numbers and what I’m hearing through the grapevine.

SD 29: Jeremy McPike (D) vs. Hal Parrish (R)

Parrish had $218,197 on hand as of 8/31, after raising $164,558 in July-August. McPike had $102,775 on hand after raising $130,586 in July-August. McPike fell further behind Parrish, with lots more money almost certainly on the way into this crucial race for control of the Virginia State Senate. Basically, Democrats have to hold this seat to have any chance of taking back the Senate.

P.S. One more interesting one is SD 36, where Scott Surovell (D) is crushing his Republican opponent, Jerry Foreman, in terms of money ($113,475 cash on hand for Surovell; $7,423 for Foreman).

House of Delegates numbers on the “flip”

Most Competitive House of Delegates Races

HD 2: Joshua King (D) vs. Mark Dudenhefer (R)

Dudenhefer had $58,683 as of 8/31 after raising $88,932 in July-August. King had $15,419 on hand after raising $39,808 in July-August. Significant money advantage for Dudenhefer in a district Mark Herring won by 12 points over Mark Obenshain in 2013.

HD 13: Don Shaw (D) vs. Del. “Sideshow Bob” Marshall (R)

Shaw had $41,000 on hand as of 8/31 after raising $35,040 in July-August. Marshall had $66,190 after raising $23,085. This one’s a tossup/”purple” district, and it looks competitive on the money side too. Hand on to your hats…

HD 31: Sarah Townsend (D) vs. Del. Scott Lingamfelter (R)

Townsend had $43,689 on hand after raising $53,227. Lingamfelter had $35,085 on hand after raising $43,687. Townsend more than holding her own with Lingamfelter in a “purple” district.

HD 32: Liz Miller (D) vs. Del. Tag Greason (R)

Miller had $102,936 on  hand after raising $49,215. Greason had $166,903 after raising $85,849. Mark Herring won this district by 10 points but Greason has a money advantage plus incumbency. Still, would be great to see the upset here (note that Miller got 49% two years ago against Greason).

HD 34: Del. Kathleen Murphy (D) vs. Craig Parisot (R)

Murphy had $259,463 on hand after raising $88,303. Parisot had just $44,617 on hand after raising $72,885. Murphy looking good, Parisot wayyyy behind in terms of $$$.

HD 86: Jennifer Boysko (D) vs. Danny Vargas (R)

Boysko had $210,206 vs. $124,722 for Vargas. Vargas raised $176,983 vs. Boysko’s $75,737. Republicans are really pumping money into Vargas’ campaign, even though this is a solidly “blue” district that Mark Herring won 61%-39% in 2013.

HD 87: John Bell (D) vs. Chuong Nguyen (R)

Bell had $130,159 on hand vs. just $15,453 for Nguyen. Bell raised $85,849 vs. Nguyen’s $71,818. Bell has far more money than Nguyen, but Mark Warner only won this distrit by 6 points last year so you never know I guess.

HD 93: Del. Monty Mason (D) vs. Lara Overy (R)

Mason had $104,833 on hand vs. $56,681 for Overy.  Mason raised $68,156 vs. $62,612 for Overy. Mason looking good in terms of money, and this is a solidly “blue” district (e.g., Warner won it by 12 points), so Mason should be fine.

HD 94: Del. David Yancey vs. Shelly Simonds (D)

Yancey had $177,203 on hand after raising $60,355. Simonds had $73,827 on hand after raising $74,216. Yancey has the incumbent and money advantage in a district Mark Warner won by just 2 points in 2014.

HD 100: Willie Randall (D) vs. Del. Rob Bloxom (R)

Bloxom had $47,064 after raising $17,320. Randall had just $6,685 after raising $9,029. Not looking good for Randall at all in terms of money. Sigh.

  • Braddock District Supervisor: $10,201.77 ending balance; $20,993.31 raised for Janet Oleszek (D). $70,810.04 ending balance; $8,760.00 raised for Supervisor John Cook (R).

    Dranesville District Supervisor Supervisor John Foust (D) had $81,748.65 cash on hand; raised $62,460.42. Republican challenger Jennifer Chronis had $107,717.75 on hand after raising $99,447.97.

    Mt. Vernon District Supervisor: Dan Storck (D) had $21,122.98 on hand after raising $30,683.17. Republican opponent Jane Gandee had $7,074.39 on hand while raising $14,912.85.

    Sully District Supervisor: Democrat Kathy Smith had $43,300.45 on hand after raising $39,963.56. Her Republican opponent, John Guevara, had $12,165.19 on hand after raising $24,895.12.

  • Mike McMenamin (R) had $13,699.00 on hand, raised $13,453.50.

    Katie Cristol (D) had $10,127.32 on hand, raised $11,552.25.

    Christian Dorsey (D) had $8,853.12 on hand, raised $13,575.00.

    Audrey Clement (I) had $1,657.37 on hand, raised $4,045.89.

  • Chairman Corey Stewart (R) had $239,151.20 on hand, raised $16,961.00. Rick Smith (D) had $26,522.25 on hand, raised $8,892.00.

    Potomac Supervisor: Supervisor Maureen S. Caddigan (R) had $46,465.39 on hand; Andrea Bailey (D) had $11,098.48.

    Occoquan Supervisor: Ruth Anderson (R) had $21,314.65 cash on hand; Earnest Porta (D) had $43,598.90 cash on hand.

  • Chair: Phyllis Randall (D) had $30,391.93 cash on hand, raised $28,724.98. Incumbent Scott York (R) had $124,422.45 cash on hand, raised $112,163.69.

    Algonkian District Supervisor: Andrew Resnick (D) $31,696.84 cash on hand vs. Suzanne M. Volpe (R) N.A.

    Ashburn District: Mike Turner (D) $16,535.41 cash on hand vs. Ralph M. Buona (R) N.A.

    Broad Run District Supervisor: Al Nevarez (D) N.A. vs. Ron Meyer (R) $33,701 cash on hand.

    Leesburg District Supervisor: Kristen Umstattd (D) N.A. vs. Kenneth D. Reid (R) $27,083 cash on hand.

    Sterling District Supervisor: Koran Saines (D) $13,420.80 cash on hand vs. Eugene Delgaudio (R) $80,377.10 cash on hand.