Rep. Barbara Comstock Endorses “White Nationalist” Steve Scalise for House Majority Leader


    For more on Scalise, see I exposed Steve Scalise’s white nationalist past – and yet he may soon become even more powerful and House Majority Whip Steve Scalise Was Reportedly an Honored Guest at 2002 International White Supremacist Convention by Lamar White, Jr. Of course, we shouldn’t be surprised that Barbara Comstock, who’s also “best friends forever” (BFF) with right-wing extremists like Mark Levin, Sean Hannity, and many others, would also be a fan of “White Nationalist” Steve Scalise. But c’mon, 10th CD of Virginia voters, do you really want someone like that as your U.S. Representative?!?

    • dave.arlington

      I see in your title, that you wrote “Speaker” but doesn’t the tweet very clearly say “Leader”? May be a technicality, but that’s an important distinction to make.  

    • kindler

      …or more specifically, with a white sheet…