Video: Demolishing “JEB” Bush’s Idiotic Claim that Dubya “Kept Us Safe”


    “JEB” can’t be pounded enough on this particular Big Lie of his. If he really believes that Dubya “kept us safe,” he is unfit to hold any office in America, from dog catcher on up.

    • First of all, of course Barack Obama’s an American and a Christian (not that it should matter what religion he is), and the fact that “JEB” Bush even has to say that to a Republican audience is very telling. Second, the rest of what he has to say (that Barack Obama’s supposed “problem” is that he’s a “progressive liberal that tears down anyone who disagrees with him…everything that he sees, he pushes down the opposition to make them look bad and elevates himself to the point where there’s a huge gap”) here is just laughably ridiculous, not to mention untrue, basically the Fox “News”/Rush Limbaugh/right-wing echo chamber alternate view of reality. #FAIL

    • southernvadem