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Run Ken Cuccinelli Run!


Oh please please please please PLEASE!

Former attorney general Ken Cuccinelli II said on Saturday that he has begun thinking about making another run for Virginia governor – if only just barely.

“Teiro and I have not ruled out running for Governor in 2017, but we have barely begun to think about it,” Cuccinelli, referring to his wife, said in an email to The Washington Post.

“Right now I’m focused in Virginia on helping conservatives win their state senate races next month and Virginia will be ground zero for the presidential race. Of course, as President of the Senate Conservatives Fund, my priority is advancing conservative candidates who are willing to fight to change how Washington does business.”

This would be so awesome, both from a “political junkie” perspective as well as from a Democratic activist perspective. Regarding the former, can you imagine Cooch taking on Ed Gillespie, particularly at a Republican convention, like the 2013 freak show that nominated Cooch/EW Jackson/Mark “Criminalize Miscarriages” Obenshain? So much fun, it’s hard to even know where to start! 🙂 On the second point, there’s no doubt in my  mind that Cooch would be easier for Ralph Northam to beat than Ed Gillespie would be.

So, again, please please PLEASE run Ken Cuccinelli run…for the Virginia Republican nomination for governor in 2017! 🙂

  • blue bronc

    As a former politician I understand the problem Da Cooch has.  If you are a politician you cannot get over wanting to be in the fight after leaving it.  It is why you see all those old Republicans of Nixon, Reagan, Bush I and II, many are the same never having left, showing up again and again.  If you are tossed out it is even worse.  You want to step up again to prove you should be in office.

    That said, this guy is obviously not reading the press reports correctly.  Virginia is not turning into the 1740’s it is actually starting to show life as a modern state.  Eugene is not running Northern Virginia with his anti-gay views.  Da Cooch is not the governor, mmmm, he might know this one.  And, every Republican running for president lose to all the Dems and Dem unknown.

    But, maybe he has sniffed one to many oysters and thinks the world is wanting his version of 1740 1100.  Maybe, maybe not.