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Monday News: GOP “implosion” Over Trump, the “white supremacist candidate;” “Planet on the Ballot”; Chris Rock Oscars Monologue


by Lowell

Here are a few national and Virginia news headlines, political and otherwise, for Monday, February 29. Also check out Chris Rock’s monologue at the Oscars, which addresses race, Hollywood and a boycott of the Academy Awards.

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  • Di Read

    The only thing I would disagree with in Marcotte’s essay is that Rubio is “handsome and genial.” To me he looks like a bewildered, rather chubby little boy.

    Do agree emphatically, however, that Cruz is a sociopath. Those cold, dead eyes, that whiny, self-obsessed voice, give me the creeps.

    The Trumpet is a vulgar, vicious buffoon. However, I do enjoy the way he calls out the hypocrisy of the Rethuglican party. I’m still chortling over the way he told Jebby to his face that Dubya “didn’t keep us safe–9/11 happened on HIS watch” and that no weapons of mass destruction were ever found in Iraq.

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    I wish you would repost that article here. Anyway it is all directly relavent to tomorrow’ primary in Virginia.

  • Video: Honoring George Burke – 16th Annual Sturdivant Award Brunch


  • Video: Donald Trump’s Bull*** Excuses About His Repeated Refusal to Disavow David Duke, KKK


  • From the Virginia Senate Dem Caucus:


    RICHMOND — This afternoon, the Senate voted along party lines to approve Del. Poindexter’s (R – Franklin) HB 587, which would strip localities of authority to make decisions about whether to remove or dismantle Confederate monuments within their boundaries. An existing law that bars localities from altering or removing war monuments and memorials applies only to those constructed after 1998.

    Said Caucus Chair Sen. Donald McEachin (D – Henrico), “Our view of the past sometimes changes over time and we should leave communities the opportunities to make decisions accordingly. I am disappointed that my Republican colleagues do not have faith in Virginians to make good decisions.”

    Said Sen. Barbara Favola (D – Arlington), “How we remember the past is always a delicate question — especially now, when communities are discussing whether to move, alter, or remove Confederate symbols. I’m disappointed that my Republican colleagues would seek to end that needed and constructive dialogue.”

    Said Sen. Mamie Locke (D – Hampton), “Politicians in Richmond should not be telling communities how to remember the past. The shootings in South Carolina last year sparked an overdue conversation about the future of Confederate monuments. That conversation badly needs to continue — but this bill seeks to end it. Virginians deserve far better.”

  • Video: Gerry Connolly, Tim Kaine, Hillary Clinton rally in Fairfax, the day before Super Tuesday https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S9YSUiOi_X4

  • Video: Tense moments, scuffles at Trump rally in Virginia


  • Video: PBS NewsHour analysis, “Can Rubio and Cruz disrupt Trump’s momentum?”


  • Quizzical

    I’m catching all the candidates’ pre-election speeches that are on CSPAN.

    Kasich: Another town hall meeting format, which is his strength. Plans to arm Ukraine, and let Russia know that if they attack members of NATO or other allies in Europe, we will consider it an attack on us and we will engage. Scary patch. But I like him. Wonder why he is campaigning in Mass.?

    Rubio: good speaker, probably the best of the lot. Gave a nice speech about our heritage as a nation of immigrants — we all have the blood of go-getters in our veins. Got that right. Mentioned the cop-shooting in Woodbridge, but only to mention that the cop who was killed was a Marine reservist. Just another thank you for your service speech. He frankly admitted that he doesn’t give substantive speeches anymore because the media will not cover that; if you want substance go to his website.

    Hillary: Introduced by McAuliffe, who was uninspiring. Hillary for me connects intermittently. Part of the time it is lawyer-speak, but other times, she drops that and speaks simply, direct and from the heart. She did not go after Bernie at all. Talked about common sense gun control, educating children, making a massive investment in solar energy, solving the student debt problem. Made a good point about Trump: we can’t have a President who just says anything that pops into his head, because words have consequences and other countries are paying attention.

    Trump: says that he is just the messenger for a movement. Talks about his own poll numbers. Interestingly, he says that all his life he has been greedy and trying to get more and more money, but now he is turning down campaign contributions worth millions. Now he says he is going to be greedy for America and win all the time. That would be an interesting campaign theme: Greedy For America.

    Bernie not on CSPAN until 1:25 am. This isn’t right.

    • I actually find McAuliffe offputting, with all his over-the-top “greatest this” and “greatest that” carnival barker stuff. Although it doesn’t seem to be hurting him, for whatever reason…