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Sunday News: Hillary Clinton Romps in SC; Neo-Fascist Donald Trump Endorsed by Neo-Nazi Jean-Marie Le Pen


by Lowell

Here are a few national and Virginia news headlines, political and otherwise, for Sunday, February 28.

  • Video: Trump refuses to condemn David Duke, white supremacists, claims he knows nothing about them.


  • Video: Ted Cruz can’t handle Chris Wallace talking about Cruz’s scumbag campaign. Having said that, it’s true that the media has not called out Trump for his constant stream of lies, bigotry, etc.


  • CBS/YouGov Virginia poll finds:

    *Trump 40%-Rubio 27%-Cruz 22%-Kasich 6%-Carson 4%
    *Clinton 59%-Sanders 39%
    *Only 6% of Republicans say the GOP represents them “very well;” 42% say “not well” and 17% say “not too well”
    *Virginia Dems’ top priority is nomninating a candidate who can win in November (50%), with 29% saying “get progressive things done”
    *41% of Virginia Dems want to continue President Obama’s policies; 51% want even more progressive policies
    *81% of Virginia Dems say the party represents them “very well” or “somewhat well” — stark contrast to Republicans!
    *28% of Virginia voters describe themselves as “very” or “somewhat” liberal, 30% as “very” or “somewhat” conservative and 33% as “moderate.”
    *48% of Virginia voters say they are Democrats or lean Dem; 34% say they are Republicans or lean Republican; 12% say they are independent
    *41% of Virginia voters say they are more likely to vote in the Dem primary on Super Tuesday; 29% say they are more like to vote in the GOP primary.

  • Quizzical

    I’m listening to a Trump rally in Alabama. He says he is going to impose a 35% tax on Carrier air conditioners made in Mexico, because Carrier moved a factory to Mexico. Hmm. I wonder if Donald knows what a treaty is. To do that first the US has to get out of the NAFTA treaty. Next tax legislation has to get through Congress and an army of lobbyists. Two big hurdles. Then the tariff, assuming it gets passed, kicks off a trade war.

    Or we can do like our trade partners do and find ways to create trade barriers without technically violating the trade treaty. Health and safety inspections and that kind of thing. Then we skip the first two steps and go directly to a trade war.

    For a long time one of the goals of our foreign policy was to foster the growth of democracies in other countries who could become stable, reliable trading partners and allies. Especially at our near our borders.

    Don’t we want that anymore?

    • Trump is demented. By the way, if you want to read THE STUPIDEST, s***-for-brains thing you’ll read today, check out the Republican Times-Disgrace (aka, “Richmond Times-Dispatch”) endorsement of Marco Rubio. It’s not even that they endorsed Rubio, it’s just that the entire editorial is so idiotic, so lacking in any serious argument, so weak, so filled with nonsensical-yet-obligatory attacks on Obama and clinton, fawning Reagan worship and absurd comparisons of Rubio to Lincoln, Teddy Roosevelt and Saint Reagan, so utterly brain dead, it’s amazing. The guys who wrote this need to go back to their country club, drink a few martinis, do that every day and never write anything again.