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Monday News: No, Washington (Com)Post, Just Because You Say It Doesn’t Make It a “Scandal”


by Lowell

Here are a few national and Virginia news headlines, political and otherwise, for Monday, March 28.

  • McEachin Campaign Announces Support of Both US Senators

    McEachin Has Support of All Five Statewide Elected Officials in his Campaign for Congress

    Richmond- Today, Senator Donald McEachin announced that both Virginia US Senators, Mark Warner and Tim Kaine, have joined the extensive list of those supporting his candidacy for Congress.

    Senator Warner had this to say in his endorsement statement: “I know Donald McEachin will be a great asset for Virginians in Congress by working to create jobs and grow our economy. With his record of working across the aisle, he brings the qualities we need to break the gridlock.”

    Senator Kaine added, “With a proven record of standing up for Virginians in the General Assembly, Donald McEachin would be a tremendous addition to Virginia’s congressional delegation,” said Senator Kaine.”Donald has been a close friend for more than thirty years and I look forward to having him as a partner as we work to find solutions to the challenging issues facing families across the Commonwealth – from economic development, to education, to keeping us safe.”

    Senator McEachin expressed his gratitude for their wholehearted support. “I have known both Mark and Tim for a very long time and I greatly admire and respect their service. To have their endorsement, at this early stage, despite facing primary opposition, is incredibly gratifying.”

  • That was actually kind of encouraging. Just hearing something out of UpChuck & Mrs Greenspan other than the usual setup for “yeah, but the Democrats” almost makes me think there may be some life left in the 4th Estate after all. Hope so anyway.

  • Video: “The Media’s Out-Of-Control Obsession With Donald Trump”


  • An instant classic from 2013 GOP LG nominee and Ted Cruz supporter EW Jackson:

    Thursday, March 31, 1:00 PM ET

    Georgia State Capitol Rotunda

    206 Washington Street SW, Atlanta, Georgia

    Dear <> <> <>,

    I was just about to send out this letter, when I learned that the Governor of Georgia plans to trample the First Amendment rights of Georgia Christians by vetoing the religious liberty bill (HB 757) that was recently passed by the Georgia legislature. It is surreal to watch this kind of bigotry happening in America.

    Shall we just roll over and submit? Are we to simply give up and go away because one man, a state governor who is no different than you and I, decides that he has the authority with the stroke of his pen, to unilaterally eviscerate the First Amendment rights of Georgia’s Christian and Jewish communities, and undo 288 years of state constitutional history and tradition?

    There is an all out attack on the Christians of Georgia. It is vicious, ugly, and slanderous. They are calling the people of Georgia bigots, haters and discriminators because the state legislature is seeking to protect the First Amendment rights of pastors, churches and religious organizations.

    This attack is coming not only from the usual hysterical radicals of the LGBT cabal, but also from prestigious organizations like the NFL, Hollywood, Apple and other major corporations which were threatening an economic boycott of the state. The Governor has bowed to the pressure, but we are calling for him to reverse his decision or for the Georgia legsilature to override his veto.

    On Thursday at 1:00 PM a group of ministers will gather with citizens at the state Capitol in Atlanta. That is only three days away, but it cannot wait. The Governor needs to hear from us now and the people of Georgia need national support now.

    Please take a moment now and call Georgia Governor Nathan Deal’s office at (404) 656-1776 and urge him not to veto Georgia House Bill 757, but to sign it into law instead. Please do not delay, for as Georgia goes so may go the nation.