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Sunday News: “Donald Trump’s spur to violence;” Spot-On SNL Cold Open; Right-Wing Radicalism Festers at State Level


by Lowell

Here are a few national and Virginia news headlines, political and otherwise, for Sunday, March 13.

  • Video: Trump has instructed his team to look into paying legal fees of man who punched protester; rationalizes violence of his supporters


  • 2013 VA GOP Lt. Gov. Nominee and Ted Cruz Endorser EW Jackson: “I am a Cruz supporter, but do not blame Trump for the violence. This is a phenomenon of the left funded by the evil George Soros.” “The left said Tea party people were haters? But they started no riots, tried to stop no one from speaking. Now we see who the monsters are.


  • Morris Meyer

    I would have bet cold hard cash that the SNL Bernie video was up here, and the SNL HRC ad is nowhere to be found.

  • Video: Fox’s Chris Wallace to Donald Trump — “The record is clear…you have condoned violence in rally after rally.” Actually, Trump’s incited it, not just “condoned” it.
    Also points out that at most, 100,000 Muslims out of 1.6 BILLION (that’s less than 1 ten thousandth, by the way) are “fighting for jihadist causes, so why draw a battle line against an entire religion, including major countries that are helping us in the fight against ISIS.”


  • Quizzical

    More on trade: Marcy Kaptur, D. Oh., is furious about trade deals that have cost Ohioan jobs. Just saw her speech introducing Bernie Sanders in Columbus.