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Thursday News: Three Huge Threats to Humanity — Global Warming, Nuclear Weapons, Trump Supporters


by Lowell

Here are a few national and Virginia news headlines, political and otherwise, for Thursday, March 31.

  • Video: Bernie Sanders rips Trump, Cruz, GOP, media.


  • Video: Trump Says Woman, Not Man Who Got Her Pregnant, Should Be Punished for Abortion


  • Elaine Owens

    Hillary Clinton is the most prepared politician to be president in my lifetime (with the possible exception of LBJ), and I’m not a spring chicken. I’ve always felt that the most difficult thing Barack Obama faced was having to learn how to conduct the presidency in the first year or two of his first term. In working hard to do that and confronting the inevitable backlash to the election of the first Black president, he evidently had no energy or time to also be the leader of the Democratic Party. Combine that with the self-satisfied feeling that evidently was rampant in the Democratic base after 2008 and the motivation of bigots in the electorate, and the debacle of the 2010 election was inevitable. The same thing happened after the election of another fellow who had to learn on the job, Bill Clinton. In Hillary Clinton we have a woman who has seen the presidency in action as First Lady, has served in Congress, and has held the highest cabinet post one can have. Americans would be fools not to elect her.

  • Video: Crazy Trump spokeswoman attempts to “walk back” Trump’s abortion banning/punishment comments, fails completely.


  • Video: Sen. Elizabeth Warren demolishes Donald Trump


  • Larry Sabato’s revised 2016 electoral map has it Dems 347-Republicans 191