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Arlington County Board Dem Candidate Erik Gutshall Calls on Libby Garvey to Return Tom Davis $$$, Take Dem Unity Pledge


Good stuff from Arlington County Board Democratic candidate Erik Gutshall, who I am strongly supporting. It will be interesting to see how, if at all, Libby Garvey, who is tight with former Rep. Tom Davis (R) and Arlington County Board member John Vihstadt (R), who she endorsed over Democratic nominee Alan Howze, responds. Perhaps at tonight’s Arlington Young Democrats debate at Mad Rose Tavern at 7 pm?

  • Independent democrat

    Tom Davis was a very centrist republican who did a decent job representing a mixed district.
    His career was pretty much finished by his centrism. As a liberal yet Independent Democrat, i think our country would be better served if more republicans in congress were of the Tom Davis style. But that is an era long gone.
    Libby, keep the $$$, and thank Tom publicly for his support. Most Arlington democrats care more about intelligent independence than just blindly toeing the insider party line.
    You’ve got my vote. If you give the $$$ back, I doubt I’ll bother voting.

    • jtb

      We have important issues to discuss. Pledges about not taking donations from Arlington Republicans is not one of them. Stop running “against” libby and run a campaign showing your vision and abilities.

      • Anonymous Is A Woman

        I think Erik Gutshall will run a campaign showing his vision for Arlington. But I also think the question of Libby Garvey’s mixed loyalties is a legitimate issue to raise in a Democratic primary.

        I respect Tom Davis and agree we need more centrist Republicans in Virginia and in the country. The extremism in today’s Republican Party is not healthy for a two-party system or the country. But that is an internal Republican problem.

        I believe in a two-party system that gives voters legitimate choices. If Libby Garvey wishes to be a moderate Republican and help that party rebuild, that is what she should do. Otherwise, she needs to work better with Democrats and help them to build a positive Democratic platform to run on. And she certainly needs to support her fellow Democrats, which she has not always done. It’s fair to question why she should be their nominee given her past and present actions.

        Again, this is in the context of a party primary, not a general election. But as a Democrat, I want to support and vote for fellow Democrats who help build my party. I encourage my Republican friends to do the same for their party so voters have legitimate, positive choices.

        • Exactly. Libby has not been a loyal Dem, was basically kicked out of the party and only reluctantly let back in. Almost every core Arlington Dem Committee member (badly) wants her to lose in June. Gee, wonder why that is…

      • Politics 101: Since time immemorial, a challenge ALWAYS has to make the case both for himself/herself AND against the incumbent. Again, this is super basic stuff, any political operative will agree.