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Bernie and Hillary, Give Us the Campaign We Need


Your recent squabble — with one questioning whether the other is “qualified to be president” — highlights how you two have not been giving us the kind of campaign that would best serve not just the Democratic Party but the nation.

The differences between you may be important. But way less important than that whichever of you gets the nomination wins in November.

Two extraordinary aspects of our national circumstance oblige you to allow that priority to dictate how you conduct your campaigns.

Let’s start with who controls the Supreme Court for the next generation.

If the Republicans win the White House, we would once again get a 5-to-4 majority on the right. In the previous 5-4 conservative-corporatist Court, the Republican appointees helped the strong rather than protected the weak. By gutting the Voting Rights act, they fortified the forces of racial oppression and, with Citizens United, they unleashed big money to further degrade and corrupt our democracy.

Whatever your differences, on the crucial question of the direction of the Court for years to come, you are essentially the same.

That should be reason enough for you to refrain from undercutting each other and sowing division in Democratic ranks.

But there’s another huge reason: If the Republicans win the White House, in all likelihood they will control all three branches of government.

Any party having such power, unrestrained by the usual “checks and balances,” might be cause for concern. But the idea of such power in the hands of this Republican Party is downright scary.

This is a Party that has blocked measures to deal with every challenge this nation faces—whether climate change, income inequality, or the epidemic of gun deaths. (“If [Obama] was for it, we had to be against it,” reported former Republican Senator from Ohio, George Voinovich.) And now the GOP has taken obstructionism to a new level with its unprecedented refusal to consider any nominee, submitted by this duly-elected president, to fill a vacancy on the Supreme Court.

At the state level, the GOP has allowed education systems to be damaged (Louisiana, Kansas) in order to save money that can be used as tax breaks for the rich, and children to be poisoned (Michigan) as a result of measures contemptuous of democracy.

Meanwhile, Donald Trump has become the front-runner in the Republican presidential race by expressing in more blatant form the bigotry and belligerence and indifference to truth that have increasingly characterized that party.

The battle we need for you to lead is not just against the eventual Republican nominee but against that party as a whole.

Even if one of you is elected president, you will be unable to accomplish anything through the legislative process — like President Obama these past five years– unless you take on and take down this Republican Party.

It’s time you changed your way of competing against each other into a form that shows you understand what America needs.

Compete with each other over who can best lead this battle, who can best awaken the American people to the threat to our future as a nation this “outlier” Republican Party has become.

Compete over who can best expose the hypocrisy of these Republicans, who make a great show of their love of the Constitution but then twist “advise and consent” into a refusal to consider any nominee because they don’t want to lose control of the Court.

Compete over who can best show that the Republican Party has consistently put its quest for power ahead of the good of the nation, and has served the rich at the expense of average Americans.

Compete over which of you can best help the American people see where the responsibility for our dysfunctional politics lies.

Compete in a way that enhances the chances for Democratic victories — from the White House down to the state legislatures — by exposing the destructive spirit that has taken hold of the Republican Party.

That job should start not after the conventions but now. Be teammates and competitors at the same time.

This presidential contest is not just about the two of you. It’s about the destiny of the nation, about whether our political system can be made able to work for the nation’s good again.

You have declared you want to be our leader. Lead now. Start now to unify and mobilize our forces, and lead us into battle against a once-respectable political party that’s gone off the rails.

Andrew Bard Schmookler is the author of What We’re Up Against: The Destructive Force at Work in Our World—and How We Can Defeat It.

  • Pragmatic Progressive

    Totally agree with this.

  • Andy Schmookler

    I appreciate that support, Pragmatic Progressive.

    But meanwhile I got this response on Huffington Post, from a guy who used the hashtag Bernieorbuist:

    AKA as soon as you told us to “fall in line” we knew that’s what you would do come November”

    To which I responded with this:

    “You do not engage my argument at all, here, Mr. Toussant.

    “I say nothing about falling in line. What I say is that the difference between a Republican victory and a Democratic victory is so huge — under the present circumstances I describe — that it greatly outways the difference for America between having Bernie as the nominee and Hillary as the nominee.

    “Besides which — and I say this is a supporter of Bernie — this may be a better way for Bernie to make the case for himself over Hillary. After all, neither one of them will be able to accomplish much without draining power away from the ostructionist Republicans. So if we actually want to be able to start moving the country forwar, we’re going to need Democratic leadership that knows how to take on and take down this Republican Party.

    “That’s not falling in line. But we all should pledge to come together to win when the convention has made its decision. Bernie has said as much, has he not.

    “So it seems incumbent on you to respond to the argument that we have two very powerful reasons to want to make sure that the Democrat — whoever he or she turns out to be — wins. Do you question whether those circumstances exist, or whether they matter hugely?

    “Bernie or bust seems to me an approach which ignores some vital realities.”

  • Rational Lefty

    These are the kind of things I don’t like seeing on the Hillary vs. Bernie side of the race: www(dot)msnbc(dot)com/sanders-under-fire-supporters-w h o r e s-remarks

  • Rational Lefty

    Sorry, for the multiple duplicates. Disqus won’t let the link post properly.

    • I approved your comments and made you a trusted user, so you should be ok going forward. Thanks.